A Little Quiet Time

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A funny Tumblr thread about how people steal stuff by having complete confidence.

Tumblr Thread: Ridiculous Cons People Pull Off Through Complete Confidence

Confidence takes those conmen a long way.
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Deep Memes, Stupid Memes, Cringe Memes, Funny Memes | SOCIETY No photo has more perfectly described my life than this one Danny Phantom | wish this is possible injecting books into brain

30+ Deep Memes From Internet Philosophers

We laughed so hard, we cried.
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"No Worries, I've Got This"

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By tamaleknight
Woman Gets Caught Having One Night Stand In RV By Whole Family| thumbnail text - Jeff and I scurry to get dressed and are discussed what the hell we should do. Finally, I went up to the front.

Woman Gets Caught Having One Night Stand In RV By Whole Family

Ah, classic Tinder
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tumblr thread on meat-eating plants

Tumblr Expounds On The Meat-Eating Nature of Plants

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Funny memes about work, relatable memes, work memes, bad jobs

Work Memes For Everyone Trying to Pay the Bills

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star wars speed dating relationships parodies Video - 53489409

This is Not the Date You're Looking For

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Diagnosed With A Case Of The Mondays| Thumbnail Text - Arriving to work Monday morning I'm dead inside. MONDAY

Sunday Scaries Are Here, Now We Have A Case Of The Mondays

This is for everyone who is already exhausted
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article about noodle the pug and the no bones day/bones day trend on tiktok | thumbnail includes a photo of noodle the pug and text saying 'It is a bones day, I repeat, IT IS A BONES DAY!'

People Are Letting A Pug Decide How Their Day Goes: Funny No Bones Day Jokes

Today is a Bones Day.
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"you had one job" moments of professional failure

"You Had One Job" Moments Of Professional Inadequacy

Seriously, guys?
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nineties, 1990s, decade, 90s, 90s kid, nostalgia, twitter, funny twitter, millennials, gen z, lol

Nostalgic Thread Reveals What Gen Z Kids Wouldn’t Get About The 90s

A truly confusing decade.
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The Big Unanswered Question

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adulting tweets | thumbnail text - kenna ... @McKennaBump adulting has me putting a vacuum on my Christmas wish list 12:22 AM · Oct 18, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

15 Tweets That Simply Define Adulting

Adulting isn't what we thought it was going to be
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article for pit bull awareness month with photos and fun facts | thumbnail includes photos of three pit bulls and the text 'Pit Bull Awareness Month'

Pawsome Photos Of Pit Bulls In Honor Of Pit Bull Awareness Month

Doggos Worldwide
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