video of kitten cleaning toebeans  | thumbnail image of kitten cleaning toe beans

Silly Kitten Sits In All Sorts Of Cute Positions While Aggressively Cleaning His Toe Beans (Video)

Clean beans
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funny tweets

Funny Tweets to Push Back Boredom With a Broom

Get outta here, dullness.
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funny memes, funny tweets, twitter memes, funny screenshots, funny texts, online dating, bumble, funny tinder, tinder, hinge, relationships, dating, relatable

Tweets & Screenshots That Capture the Unique Quirks Of Online Dating

We're all in this together
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twitter thread about crazy wedding objections | thumbnail text - nobody @arielleaty Replying ItsJewsie friend friend: couple get altar after man already admitted cold feet. At "objection" part, HE objects leaves her at altar. They get BACK TOGETHER, engaged on altar he does AGAIN! They get back together one last time he breaks off their engagement 3:07 PM Apr 29, 2022 Twitter Android

People Reveal The Craziest Objections They Witnessed At Weddings In Real Life (Twitter Thread)

Wedding objections don't just happen in the movies
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It Kinda Makes Sense

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By kenbaker

Keep Your Paws Off It

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scary signs

25 Scary Signs That Mean Business

Give me a sign.
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An article about a wholesome teacher who wanted to know why her 8th grade math students called he the GOAT.

Teacher Thrilled To Discover Why Her Students Call Her The GOAT

Modern slang can be a bit elusive for people of older generations. Words that might have been explicit digs 30 years ago are now the highest compliments. While sometimes this generational divide can be used to lodge veiled insults at others, it can also give way to unexpected praise.
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aita post | thumbnail text -  r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/assholeamithistime 5 hours ago $2 AITA for telling my husband to quit waking me up?

Husband And Wife Feud Over Him Waking Her Up Unnecessarily In Middle Of The Night

We all need our beauty sleep
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "I have a 1 year old beagle. If there's one thing about beags, it's that they're like velcro, attached to their owners at the hip. My boy is no different, and does not let me out of his sight, ever. My boy especially enjoys sitting on the bath mat in front of me while I go, he even takes a toy with him to keep him busy."

Pet Owners Discuss Their Dogs' Adorable Inclinations To Escort Their Humans To The Bathroom

They protecc
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Hashtag Always

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company demands guy take shorter route to save money, it's more expensive

Company Demands Employee Take Shorter Route To Save Five Dollars, Tolls Cost Hundreds

Great work.
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best of next door, next door, nextdoor, best of nextdoor, petty, neighbors, karen, baby boomers, funny, memes, twitter

Funny Posts & Petty Gossip From the 'Best of Nextdoor'

When neighbors start talking, hilarious things happen. This should have been Nextdoor's slogan, because the app is full of priceless posts full of pettiness, gossip, and bizarre observations. Whatever the original intent of the app was is irrelevant at this point, because there's no arguing that Nextdoor's social platform has become a comedy goldmine. Twitter account @bestofnextdoor does the best job compiling all the different gems the app's users find, and we've selected some of our recent fa…
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askwomen post | thumbnail text -

Women Reveal How They Would React To Finding Out Their Partners Have Been Using 'Alpha' Dating Strategies On Them

Immediately no
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5 dog videos | thumbnail three panels dog and cat "sibling parenting"

Insta Doggos: Funniest Most Rufferific Dog Videos Of The Week (June 28, 2022)

Doggo goodness
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Just Sayin

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