video of a disabled parrot learning to walk in boots | thumbnail includes a picture of a parrot wearing tiny boots

Parrot Learns To Walk On Tiny Boots After Losing Her Feet (Video)

*heartbreakingly wholesome parrot noises*
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person sends hundreds of faxes because they won't respond

Company Says They're Not Getting Documents, Recieves Hundreds

Gotta love horrible bureaucracy.
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Funny posts on social media written by people who were clearly lying | SpongeBob O @SpongeBob GIF Uh realize never seen SpongeBob's backyard 68 27 165 1.543 Tweeti çevir SpongeBob Facts spongbo 8dk v SPONGEBOB FACT classic episode Naughty Nautical Neighbors, SpongeBob's backyard can clearly be seen might want delete this official SpongeBob account Uh GIF 22:55 28 Eyl 19 saatinde Spredfast app 27 15 133

Bold Times People Attempted To Get Away With Blatant BS

Shoulda put a little more thought into these lies!
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The Doctor's Getting Some Weird Companions

12th Doctor daleks web comics - 8305997312
Via halorvic
woman writes hilarious explanation when someone asks why she's selling engagement ring on Facebook | thumbnail Why are getting rid 11h Like Reply Lisa J Sconey well Pam met this bloke about 3 years ago and thought he really nice, big soft giant, been hurt and cheated on bla bla bla going make happy so thought l'd give try being naive vulnerable person am and not realising everything he saying had happened him, is actually he had done his ex wife and all and before mother his children, im mug

Woman's Iconic Explanation For Selling Engagement Ring After Fiancé Cheated

Does she look like she cares
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issa gift

Cheezburger Image 9636661760
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Conor McGregor throws an absolutely terrible first pitch at Wrigley Field.

Conor McGregor Attempts First Pitch At Cubs Game, Fails Hard, Gets Dragged On Twitter

It's like he was trying to throw it into the stands.
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Funny memes, sigh go get my purse, sugar mama, instagra, lol, humor, relationship memes

'Go Get My Purse' Memes Celebrate the Generosity of Weary Sugar Mamas

Where do you draw the line?
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Twice the Rainbow

Fan Art rainbow dash crossover - 6703900416
By unanonymous (Via j8d)
Men Disclose What Outfits They Like To See On Women| thumbnail - ILoveToph4Eva • 1d Love a girl in a flannel shirt and jeans. Preferably with some boots and a beanie to complete the look. Think farm/cow-girl aesthetic. As an aside, if she has short hair (pixie cuts in particular) then that's an absolute plus. G Reply ↑ 11 3 ...

Men Disclose What Outfits They Like To See On Women

'A hair tie and nothing else'
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where might you have been child

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twitter thread about civil war tale Rock of Chickamauga

Twitter Thread: The Tale of The Rock of Chickamauga

History is for dorks. We are dorks.
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september 21, Demi Adejuyigbe, funny videos, youtube, viral videos, charity, wholesome, earth wind and fire, music, comedy

Demi Adejuyigbe Wishes Everyone a Happy September 21st for the Last Time

We will always remember
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The Wrong Signals

daleks for sale doctor who - 7783506432
By Iconiscence (Via Red Bubble)
funny disney memes only appropriate for adults | thumbnail two memes text - unimpressed, try again with tongue MUTE NAKED GIRL ON A BEACH SEEMS LEGIT I'LL PUT A RING ON IT

Naughty Disney Memes For Adults Only

The naughty side of Disney
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go green y'all

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