pictures of cats being liquid | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat sitting in a bucket and a cat sitting in a clear box

The Liquid Life Of Cats: 20 Moments Of Feline Fluidity

These Cats Are Defying Physics
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flight attendant business class rude customer vice president toxic-workplace malicious compliance horrible-management petty revenge entitled-passenger Horrible Bosses flights airplane service industry - 19806725

'My boss said upgrade him if there is room, so I made sure there wasn't' : Flight attendant maliciously complies with boss, upgrading 5 random passengers to business class, revoking rude passenger's free upgrade

Flight attendants see the good, the bad, and the ugly. To be fair, anyone working in the service industry gets access to the entitled side of the world. This employee was working as a flight attendant at a regional airline and had enough of her usual, disgruntling encounters with a rude, entitled traveler who happened to have ties to her boss, VP Karen. One day he arrived, pompous as ever, demanding to be upgraded to business class. He didn't have a coupon, which was necessary in order to recei…
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drinks, screwdriver, beer, drinking, twitter, alcohol, Twitter Thread, tequila, wine, vodka, tweets, drinking memes, funny tweets, alcoholic, tweet, funny twitter, twitter discourse

People Share Their Unpopular Alcohol Opinions

Unpopular opinion: Redbull is the perfect mixer
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'Don't be weak, just be a man!' : Pregnant wife unphased by husband's tears after forbidding him to attend birth of their son, tells him to ‘man up’

'Don't be weak, just be a man!' : Pregnant wife unphased by husband's tears after forbidding him to attend birth of their son, tells him to ‘man up’

Excluding a father from his son's birth may be unusual, but it is the woman's choice. It's totally normal in such a circumstance for the father to have some negative feelings about it, as it is literally depriving him of a lifelong shared memory that he would cherish. To have such obvious, blatant disdain for his misery after such a choice is just mean. There is a way to go about things, and this is not it. A man took to the r/AITA sub after his pregnant wife scolded him heavily, telling him to…
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List of funny and wholesome seal pictures | thumbnail includes two memes including smiling seal with text saying 'Nature - r/seals. Posted by u/Jorkur 13 hours ago It's International Seal Day Grey seal' and a white baby seal saying 'Dog - If this is the last meme you see this year, at least it's a cute seal! Made with hope for 2021 1'

Seal-Iously Adorable - 15 Funny And Wholesome Pictures To Remind Us That Seals Are The Oceans Dogs

Happy international week of the seal!
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20 memes for geeks | thumbnail includes two pictures of geeky memes

20 Freshly Forged Geeky Memes to Level Up Your Day

You got any more of them Freshly Forged Memes?
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pictures of cats with impressive whiskers | thumbnail includes two pictures including a grey cat with giant whiskers and a black and white cat with giant whiskers

Whisker Wonderland: 20 Majestic Cats Flaunting Their Fabulous Feline Features

Marvelous Majestic Mustaches
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family drama amitheahole aita drama ahole family cousins cousin family story - 19845637

'I [had] had enough': Jealous cousin confronts nepo-privilage relative over her promotion

Sometimes the fact that you have “privilege”—an edge over the competition, if you will… is an undeniable fact and you need to acknowledge that fact . If (or when) you do that, you might find that you gain back a little bit of respect.
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Anxious anxiety memes overthinking overthink Overthinkers laugh out loud lol hangxiety crush march Madness drama mental health memes relatable

20+ Relatable Memes and Tweets for Anxious Overthinkers Who Need a Good Laugh

Remember when you called your second grade teacher "Mom" in front of the whole class?
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wholesome marriage married life memes love relationships relatable besties best friends soulmates meme cute heartwarming relatable wife husband wifey hubby lol

20 Wholesome Marriage Memes for Witty Wifeys Who Chose to Do Life With Their Best Friend

Some couples leave silly little notes on the fridge for each other, but we send each other memes instead
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twitter thread with pet pictures | thumbnail text - Mouse Fetus @mousefetus Replying SoarGaming

Phenomenal Pets: A Thread Featuring An Awesome Combination Of Dashing Dogs And Cool Cats

For the pet people
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a video showing easter eggs and references in "Hogwarts legacy" | thumbnail includes artwork from the game and several easter eggs in red circles

Mischief Managed: 40 Easter Eggs and Hidden Gems Lurking in "Hogwarts Legacy"

Revelio! Revelio! Revelio! Revelio!
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video of a sick cat who got rescued and fell in love with one human | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat cuddling with a woman and a woman petting a derpy cat with its tongue out

Shy Cat Who Was Rescued From A Rough Street Life Gets Adopted And Only Loves His One Human (Video)

The most affectionate cat we have ever seen <3
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 AITA or a Karen for complaining about children in my bowling lane?

'Parents gave zero F's': Kids repeatedly interrupt woman's bowling game while parents ignore their children

This bowler struck out when they found their lane swarmed with little kids . As the OP tells it, she was trying to figure out if she was the a**hole in this scenario, because her friends think she is. The OP writes that while she was bowling with some friends on a weekend, she was in a lane near lots of kids. The weekends definitely are a time for parties, but the OP was annoyed that the kids kept going into her lane. Aside from the safety issues, the kids' parents wouldn't lift a finger to hel…
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memes, funny, funny memes, dank memes, random, random memes, meme dump, dumb memes, relatable memes, lol, lmao

A Rootin' and Tootin' Hoedown of Memes

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funny-boyfriend wifey relationship humor funny-wife funny-roast marriage funny-married-couple dating memes married life roasting-couples Memes funny-girlfriend funny-husband relationship memes chubby - 19837189

The Funniest Memes From This Week for Witty Couples Who Roast Each Other in the Relationship (March 23, 2023)

Nothing is more romantic than a couple who can roast each other.
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