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funny tweets

40 Humorous Tweets Spawned From The Twitterverse

Here comes the internet.
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dogs, weird dogs, dog photos, crazy, weird, funny photos, funny, animals

A Bunch Of Dopey Dogs Engaging In General Canine Ridiculousness

What are they like?
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tik tik about woman getting revenge on her ex | thumbnail text -

Woman Poses As LinkedIn Recruiter, Rejects Her Ex's Application To Get Revenge On Him For Cheating On Her

Revenge is best served cold
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5 embedded videos and 5 pictures of the best posts from this week on Reddit's Animals Being Derps subreddit |

Reddit's Cutest And Derpiest Kooky Critters Of The Week

Get It Together, Guys!
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Fluffy Criminal

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weird things people did visiting someone's house

Wild Junk People Had To Do When Visiting Someone Else's House

Uh, cool.
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music, dj, kids, disco, music request, funny, funny kids, tiktok

DJ Plays Kid's Disco, Shares Their Amusing And Nonsensical Song Requests

They've got taste
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aita post | thumbnail text - r/AmItheAsshole. Posted by u/the54756 18 hours ago 5 4 342 AITA locking door prevent my husband getting involved my job interview?

Woman Locks Her Controlling Husband Out During Job Interview After He Keeps Sabotaging Her Chances At A Job

Major red flag
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2 Tiktok videos and funny comments about a dog who stole the spotlight from her parents' engagement | Thumbnail includes a woman laying with a dog, a man proposing to a woman and a dog holding her hands, and a woman and a man kissing a dog 'when you have main character energy during your human's proposal'

Doggo Steals The Spotlight From Her Hooman's Engagement Because She's The Main Character

If our dog isn't involved in our engagement then we don't want it
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Professional At Work semi truck petty revenge trucks - 17110277

Idiots Block Fuel Pump, Truckers Conspire to Block Them In

These truckers had had enough of people (including other truckers) blocking fuel pumps by taking their 30-minute breaks with their vehicles still parked at the pump. Any attempt to reason with these entitled people was just getting them nowhere, so they devised a scheme to pay these mother-truckers back and make them come to grips with their actions. This thread was posted to r/prettyrevenge by one of the truckers who executed their revenge, Redditor u/Lap_Killa. They posted the story to tell o…
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quit, quitting, job, work, rules, employee, malicious compliance, reddit

Employee Is Told They Can’t Quit On a Friday, Takes Matters Into Their Own Hands

Leaving in style
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tik tok about woman who taught her boyfriend how to take good pictures of her | thumbnail text -

Woman Effectively Teaches Her Boyfriend How To Take Amazing Photos Of Her

The angles are awesome
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24 photos of dogs before and after they got rescued and adopted | Thumbnail includes a photo of a dog named Stacia before she got adopted and a photo of Stacia after the got adopted

Power Of Love: 24 Glow Up Stories Of Doggos Before And After Adoption

Puppy love forever
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A YouTube video about the story of a stray cat that adopted a litter of stray kittens and is raising them alongside her own kittens | Thumbnail includes a screenshot from the video of a lot of tiny kittens, and a screenshot of the mom cat sleeping with a few kittens

Stray Super-Mom Cat Adopts A Litter Of Kittens And Raises Them Alongside Her Own (Video)

Mom's are incredibly strong
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