Original I Can Has Cheezburger story about an injured and paralyzed kitten getting rescued and adopted | thumbnail includes two pictures of a black cat in a pink diaper

Rescued Feral Kitten Found Dragging His Legs Now Joyfully Scoots Around With Fellow Paralyzed Feline

Kitten found struggling to keep up because of his paralyzed legs gets rescued and loved.
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gay couple get revenge on homophobic neighbor by becoming their landlord and evicting them

'So I bought their home and I evicted them': Homophobic neighbor who constantly shouts slurs gets served serious karma from their gay neighbor

The gay couple waved a poetic goodbye on their new front porch as the homophobic now-ex-neighbors all of a sudden realized what had just happened to them: Karma.
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Memes to Look at That Beat the Alternative

Whatever that is
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boyfriend crushing funny memes Memes girlfriend lol love breakup lmao funny dumped dating relationship memes - 18022405

Funniest Memes to Help You Get Over That Special Someone Who You Never Actually Dated

How could they do that to you after everything you've been through in your imagination??
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bird memes | thumbnail left mango parakeet in toilet roll | thumbnail center yellow parakeet in suit | thumbnail right parakeet in tiny knitted cozy

An Abundant Bounty Of Bird Memes For The Aves Enthusiasts In The Crowd

Some love to and from our feathered friends
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Try Again

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Cringey entitled karen moments, karen memes, racism, entitlement, speak to the manager | Kelsey Follow This is appropriation, if white family dressed up as black characters they would get hate, racism works both ways O Follow Izanagi phnnyShady Bitch Simpsons are yellow. | @missiwimberly am So thankful businesses are opening back up. But this is had look at while got pedicure today. Apparently my feet are contagious s almost more depressing be an environment where people act afraid be touched

Criminally Cringey Karen Memes And Outbursts

Is it just us or are the 2020 s the decade of the Karen? It seems that this cursed year has somehow emboldened entitled women despite all the 'Karen' backlash that we're not ashamed to admit we've enjoyed. Between the coronavirus pandemic and recent protests against police brutality , every Karen has something to say. And it's usually a massively combination of offensive , entitled, and ignorant garbage. This mix of Karen content covers all of those bases - with a few memes thrown in for a ligh…
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hinge tweets | thumbnail text -  evelyn @deleteevelyn My longstanding belief 90 hinge users are federal agents waging psychic warfare on citizenry is proven more and more true every day 6:53 PM Sep 26, 2022. Twitter iPhone

This Week's Hottest Hinge Tweets Of The Week (September 28, 2022)

Hinge is a social experiment that is making us all unhinged
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10 cute fluffy rabbit pictures | thumbnail left white rabbit laying down | thumbnail right brown and white bunny laying on floor

Most Wholesome Rabbit Pics to Appease the Bunny Lover in Each and Every One of Us

Floppy ears and fluffy cuddles? Yes, please.
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Must stick face in belly

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AITA for giving my son's dog to his ex-wife?

Cheating Husband Moves Back Home, Mom Gives His Dog Back to His Ex-Wife

She's taking the dog, dumba$$!
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Funny memes that mix LOTR lord of the rings with adam levine texts

Funny Memes That Mix the Adam Levine Texts With Lord of the Rings Themes

It sort of feels like the Adam Levine texts came out last month. The drama, on Twitter and off of it, was intense. It was all anyone would talk about in the office. As an Adam Levine and Maroon 5 hater, there was something satisfying about watching him get exposed as an unfaithful creep. But more than that, I was satisfied by the overwhelming wealth of memes the texts inspired. Everywhere I looked it seemed a new one had popped up, most of them having to do with that f-bomb direct message. My f…
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fianc boyfriend wholesome relationship jokes wife cute married life Memes girlfriend husband engaged lol roast prank love partner lmao funny - 18026501

Memes We Found This Week Only Witty Couples Who Roast Each Other in the Relationship Will Understand (September 27, 2022)

Every healthy relationship needs a good roast to romance ratio.
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18 pictures, memes, and wholesome stories of dogs | Thumbnail includes a picture of a brown dog peeking through the door he chewed and a picture of a man hopping a fence in order to pet dogs 'Me: leaves the room for 1 second My dog: things omgosh I'm so glad ur ok Me when I see dogs'

Wholesome Doggo Dump To Help You Get Over The Hump (18 Images)

Here to help
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The Pressure Is On

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Karen reviewing a skatepark in London | housing and residential area. Enjoy the park. Pick up that board. Yes children playing here, less of the middle aged blokes with no shirts.

'Less of the middle aged blokes with no shirts': Karen bizarrely reviews a skatepark in London

Don't feel bad if you get confused while you're reading this, we're confused too, and we're pretty sure that Angela was also confused while she was writing this. Nevertheless, Angela was determined to have her voice heard when she posted this review for a London skatepark. The review then made its way to Reddit's aggressively named r/ F**YouKaren subreddit when a screenshot of the review was posted by Reddit user u/PEDR069. As you muddle your way through the piece a couple of times you kind of…
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