15 screenshots of a story about a man who thought he adopted a stray cat but the cat ended up having another owner | Thumbnail includes a photo of a black cat looking at the camera 'I took Tux to the vet to get his microchip placed (a requirement for the move) and when the vet scanned him they found he already had a microchip installed. I was stressed (at this stage I had had him for five years)'

After 5 Years Of Caring For A Rescued Senior 'Stray', Man Finds Out He Had An Owner All This Time

Plot twist
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geography, topography, google maps, geoguessr, knowledge, maps, directions, guess, tiktok

Geography Nerd Guesses Where He Is On Google Maps In Under A Second, Gets It Eerily Accurate

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Cheezburger Image 17337349

7 Scientific Reasons People Ghost

You meet someone. They're attractive, fun, and...totally annoying. You have a couple of good times but you know this isn't for you, and you want to move your attention elsewhere. What do you do? How do you end this early-stage thing that you could barely call a "relationship"? Do you meet up over coffee, send a text, or pick up the phone? Do you do nothing and just wait until they stop reaching out? Ghosting is often used to end short-term relationships. For many people "ghosting" is a reasonab…
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Making friends..

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tumblr thread about cats chattering at birds and bugs | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - insomniac-arrest how come cats look outside and start vibrating their little mouths so much and so quick while sounding like they are printing copies from a fax machine. why do birds do that to them. OO 69,929 notes Follow'

Tumblr Thread: Explaining The Confusing Hilarity That Is Cats Chattering At Birds And Bugs

Vibrating like a fax machine.
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craigslist scammer scammers scam - 17335557

Guy Shares His Experience Trying to Sell A Couch Online, Every Response is A Scammer

What has the world come to?
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Funny gaming memes, skyrim, elder scrolls

Skyrim Memes For Gamers With a Sense of Humor

Greetings, gamers. And non-gamers. That's the great thing about memes. Even if you're not familiar with a subject, you can still enjoy memes about it without feeling completely lost. This is especially true where Skyrim memes are concerned. I'll come out and say it: I've never played the game. I was forbidden from owning any sort of video game console as a child, which didn't exactly prepare me for being a gamer girl in my twenties. That said, I've heard a lot about the game, and over my five y…
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tinder conversations | thumbnail text - If were character novel genre would be and would author describe be very hungry caterpillar classic text Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. Oh wait can't read Good thing caterpillar

This Week's Wildest Tinder Conversations (July 4, 2022)

It's wild out here on Tinder
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10 medieval animal drawings | thumbnail left medieval drawn lion, thumbnail medieval drawn weird looking dog

10 Medieval Animals With Cursed Energy

Medieval animal hilarity
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imgur thread about an abused cat running into someone's home and getting adopted | thumbnail includes two pictures including a picture of a kitten on a pile of clothes and a cat in a box 'We were sure we were giving an elderly cat a comfortable place to die in peace... He didn’t die and he wasn’t old. He was an eight month old kitten someone had abused, starved, and thrown away inmyotherpants79'

Previously Abused Kitten Chooses New Humans, Runs Into Their Home, And Gets Adopted (Thread)

A new beginning <3
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retail service karen customer service entitled parents entitled parent - 17340165

Karen Screams at Cashier, Attacks Manager, Gets Arrested

Who has a better story than Bran the Broken? Well, anyone with a first-hand story of watching a Karen getting arrested for starters. This Reddit user, u/SimMinnie, shared a tale more epic (and better written) than the last season of Game of Thrones to the r/EntitledPeople subreddit. It's no secret that we love a good story about an entitled person getting their comeuppance and this one certainly ticks all the boxes. u/SimMinnie explains that the story took place when they were working as a supe…
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aita post | thumbnail text - Posted by u/Never EndingFeelings 6 hours ago e AITA wanting my husband cancel his trip he been planning 4 years

Selfish Husband Insists On Going On Bro Trip Around His Wife's Due Date

Supporting your wife through childbirth should trump a bro trip any day
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A TikTok video and 12 comments about a dog waiting for his mom's friends to leave so he can be tucked in bed | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a boxer dog standing behind a corner and a screenshot of a close up of the boxer dog 'When mom's friends are still over and it's past your bedtime and you need to be tucked in'

Boxer Doggo Patiently Waits For Hooman's Guests To Leave So He Can Be Tucked Into Bed

Overstaying your welcome much?
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Employee Maliciously Complies to Dress Code by Wearing Extra Tight “Appropriate” Outfits After Boss Reprimands Her for a Male Coworker Ogling Her

Employee Maliciously Complies to Dress Code by Wearing Extra Tight “Appropriate” Outfits After Boss Reprimands Her for a Male Coworker Ogling Her

There wasn't an official dress code until she looked TOO good, so she made sure to “tightly” follow the rules, alright…
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Funny memes about philosophy

Philosophy Memes For the Deep Thinkers of the Internet

I am a college dropout. And I get a lot of shit for it. It's terribly hard to get hired, which is why I'm still working here. But people also assume that I'm lazy, stupid, or that my priorities are out of whack. The truth is that I love learning, but I hate being told what to do. That said, I happen to feel a lot smarter than some of my friends who did go to four year college, or even graduate school. These pals of mine decided to study philosophy. Many of them took out insane loans to do so. D…
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askmen post | thumbnail text - r/AskMen. Posted by u/_scarlett_phoenix_ 9 hours ago Do guys take off their shirts show off girl they like? My coworker took his shirt off front while were at work alone have also seen him staring at bit and making lot jokes and complimenting lot other staff members, which apparently he never does about anyone else he took his shirt off had just closed up shop and were alone staff room.)

Man Takes Off His Shirt In Front Of Female Coworker, Debate Ensues About Whether It's A Sign He's Into Her Or Not

Single and shirtless
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