video of goat kids attempting to befriend barn cat | thumbnail image of cat drinking from bucket in barn, two goat kids approach cat

Farm Life: Goat Kids Try To Befriend Adorably Indifferent Barn Cats (Video)

Barn pals
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These server memes exemplify the trials and tribulations of the restaurant worker experience. They express frustration towards people that arrive right before closing, customers who try to flag you down even though you're not their designated server, making mistakes on the job, and fashioning polite smiles so that you can get a decent tip from difficult patrons.

Server Memes For Restaurant Workers Who Are Over It

Working at a restaurant can be stressful and tiring, to say the least. There can be pushy customers, aggressive managers , and, as Mad TV's Bon Qui Qui once yelled, “complicated orders.” As a server, you have to ensure being on your feet all day every day, along with the limitations of your own memory and the endless lists of dietary restrictions (many of which don't even sound real). And on top of it all, you are expected to smile your way through the pain so that you can maybe, if you're luck…
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A compilation of random memes.

Mildly Interesting Memes To Meditate On

Getting reccomened meditation by a friend or a therapist feels kind of weird. It's like they know just by looking at you that you refuse to shut off your brain for even one second of your waking hours. They sniff you and think, “now this is a person who will consume media at an alarming rate just so they don't have to hear the thought bouncing through their head.” I've never really successfully done meditation because I struggle with taking it seriously. I'm supposed to not ruminate on any thou…
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tinder conversations | thumbnail text -  Do have celebrity look like? Or cartoon look like don't think so some people say look like yetti Yesterday 10:11 PM agree! But specifically one Monsters Inc good way! Is were going say?!

This Week's Batch Of Wild Tinder Conversations (August 15, 2022)

Tinder is always wildin'
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toxic-workplace coworkers human resources workplace coworker annoying coworkers annoying people aita reddit thread Reddit - 17660677

Clingy Coworker Reports Unwitting Mentor to HR For Standing Her Ground

This incompetent coworker reported her competent teammate to HR after she spent months hounding her for information and experience. The report was instigated by the teammate standing her ground after she finally reached a breaking point from all the questions. In a post on Reddit 's r/ AITA (Am I the A-Hole), this user shared her story , wanting to see if she was wrong for reporting her teammate. Readers were quick to point out how out of touch with reality the poster was. Some commenters, like…
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Funniest Memes for Anyone Who Has Been Sleep Deprived Since Before Memes Even Existed

Funniest Memes for Anyone Who Has Been Sleep Deprived Since Before Memes Even Existed

Now that's impressive
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aita post | thumbnail text - Posted by u/Mysterious 5713 9 hours ago 2 AITA refusing go my uncle's wedding because his future wife told won't be her wedding party unless lose weight and later tried take credit my weight loss caused huge family trauma.

Bridezilla Tells Teen She Can Only Be In The Wedding Party If She Loses Weight

What a cruel bride
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12 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people posted pictures of their dogs along with a caption of what breed they were told the dog is and what it actually turned out to be | Thumbnail includes two pictures of a golden mix dog that was supposed to be a golden retriever 'A golden retriever'

A Thread Of People That Thought They Were Adopting One Dog, But Ended Up With A Different Kind

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Hurry Up!

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TikToker Posts About a Parenting "Hack" He Regrets, Sparks Failed Parenting Confessions in the Comments

TikToker Posts Parenting "Hack" He Regrets, Inspires Failed Parenting Confessions in the Comments

It worked in the moment, but then after the 100th time it starts to feel like maybe it was a bad idea…
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tweets written by okcupid | thumbnail text - OkCupid @okcupid ok Everyone deserves friend who handles breakups with same energy as Elle Woods Legally Blonde getting Paulette's dog back her ex-husband. 2:58 AM Aug 15, 2022 TweetDeck

15 Adorably Funny Tweets Penned By 'OkCupid' That Warmed Our Hearts

OkCupid has our hearts
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Issa Baby

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uno-reverse idontworkherelady retail revenge petty revenge Walmart karen - 17661189

Guy Uno-Reverses Karen Who Thinks He is a Walmart Employee

When a guy went to Walmart's customer service to recover his wife's lost almond milk, he was approached by a wild K a ren who assumed he worked there. She insisted that he help her and insisted that he worked there, so he turned the play around and threw it right back at her . Reddit user u/literalgarbageyo posted this thread to Reddit's r/ IDontWorkHereLady , a medium-sized subreddit that often features stories, such as this, that have been shared by Reddit users about their experiences being…
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Mom denies babysitter payment after agreeing upon $16/hour payment, babysitter takes mom to court and wins.

Cheapskate Mom Denies Babysitter Promised Pay, Gets Owned & Taken To Court

This story is a bit of an oldie but goodie. We've been talking a lot about entitled cheapskates and this story really takes the cake where scum like that is concerned. After eight hours of watching this woman's children, this babysitter was denied the pre-agreed upon payment rate of $16 an hour. The babysitting client had claimed that free ice cream and a day of fun was a fair exchange. Needless to say, the babysitter did not agree, and shared screen shots to Reddit. They quickly went viral, an…
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