Baby Elephant Sees Hooman

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teachers responses to test doodles

Twitter Thread: Times Students And Teachers Interacted Over Test Doodles

Keep on a-doodlin'.
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gen z, generation z, funny, cringe, satire, tiktok, twitter, social media, yikes, wtf, dumb people, gen z moments, memes, funny screenshots

15+ Gen Z Moments That Are Either Next-Level Cringe or Masterful Satire

We can't tell at this point
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Why Not Both?

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Funny Women’s Tweets That Provided Us With Some Serious Chuckles| thumbnail text - Kristen Arnett @Kristen_Arnett you're telling me if i complete the task that is giving me stress then my anxiety about it will go away????? sounds fake 5:39 PM · Nov 22, 2021 100K O 194 1, Share this T...

Funny Women’s Tweets That Provided Us With Some Serious Chuckles

Ah, the chuckles
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funny story about a cat who went missing for 3 three days then returned with a note around its neck explaining that a shop owner fed it fish while it was gone

Missing Cat Returns Home With Incurred Debt Of Three Mackerels

This is so cute
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funny pickup lines

People's Best Worst Pickup Lines

They likely won't work, but they are fun.
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WTF, America's Next Top Model only paid $40 for each model, twitter reactions, tweets, shaving head, tyra banks

Former Contestant Confirms 'America's Next Top Model' Paid Contestants Next to Nothing

Beyond reproach.
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A Wild Santiago Cabrera Appeared

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By silentjay12345
funniest women tweets we came across this week | thumbnail text - god's favorite @lil_morgy imagining michelangelo standing before a block of marble and saying, "time to make content" 8:34 PM Jul 7, 2021 · Twitter Web App 14.4K Retweets 416 Quote Tweets 119.3K Likes

Funny Women Tweets Because Women Are Way Funnier Than Men

The funny women of Twitter
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crows get back at bully neighbors - thumbnail of story "Our building has a decent sized crow population. I've always liked them, so I decided to make friends. Spent some time doing research on them and their diets and went out and got some snacks that would be nutritious for them. Every couple of days I'd chop up some fruits and veggies and grains and take them out to their favorite tree in a little tupperware box. I'd pick it up later and it would be empty. It got to the point where they'd know

Reddit User Befriends Crows Who In Turn Help By Getting Back At Bully Neighbors

Helpful to have 'feathered friends in high places'
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Karen blames burnt pie on marie callenders and gets roasted by comments

Karen Burns Her Own Pie, Blames Marie Callender's, Gets Dogpiled In The Comments

Well, Sharon, but still.
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quora, question, questions, answers, why, weird, strange, knowledge, funny

Quora Questions That Tread The Fine Line Between Genius And Insanity

Being alive is a confusing thing. Just when you think that you’ve got the whole routine down, something comes along and messes with it all. On top of that, the world is so full of mystery that it can get overwhelming at times. As a result, it’s understandable that many of us have questions. Thankfully, that’s exactly what the internet was intended for. Although the guiding light of Yahoo Answers may have burned down like the Library of Alexandria, we are lucky enough to have been given a substi…
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Dress up for Halloween and nobody bats an eye Dress up for cosplay and everybody loses their minds

cosplay Memes joker mind loss - 7770729472
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Entitled People Who Tried Flirting But Just Embarrassed Themselves Instead

Entitled People Who Tried Flirting But Just Embarrassed Themselves Instead

The subtle art of flirting
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a funny twitter thread about dogs addicted to online gaming | thumbnail includes two frog photos and a tweet saying 'I don't answer my texts sometimes because my phone often gets seized by frogs'

Frogs Addicted To Online Gaming: Ridiculously Silly Twitter Thread

Ribbit ribbit!
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