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2 TikToks and funny comments about a stray cat that broke into a woman's house, got a bath, food, and treats and then left 'A stray cat found a way to get into my house Watch until the end'

Stray Kitten Breaks Into Woman's House, Scores A Warm Bath Then Dips

Not your regular rescue story
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employee automates boss's job, makes them redundant and gets them fired

Employee Automates Their Boss's Job, Boss Gets Fired

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tik tok about man who spends whole date talking to other women | thumbnail text -

Obnoxious Man Spends Whole Date Chatting With Women At A Different Table

Guess he didn't realize he was on a date
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27 photos of cats before and after they we're rescued or adopted | Thumbnail includes a before photo of an orange kitten before she got rescued and a after photo of the same cat but bigger

Power Of Love: 27 Glow Up Stories Of Cats Before And After Adoption

Love will always win
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crazy landlord roommates - 17090821

Guy Shares This Insane Note His Roommate Sent Their Landlord

A terrible roommate is something that can turn your entire world upside down. There's nothing like coming home from a long day's work only to experience the antagonizing torment of sharing your space with an insane stranger. This hellscape is all too real in our modern dystopian world, with more adults “doubling up” or sharing living spaces with someone other than their partner than ever before. A study done by Pew Research Center in 2018 showed this trend, and that was pre-COVID times, so you…
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A Good Enough Collection Of Browsable Memes

Memes for minutes
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Girlfriends Prank Boyfriends By Pretending To Do High School Musical Duet With Them

Girlfriends Prank Boyfriends By Pretending To Perform A 'High School Musical' Duet With Them

#gotcha good
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We can has Cheezburers?

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thread about a woman adopting a fifth kitten | thumbnail includes two pictures including a sick looking kitten and a cat with its tongue out 'FINE, Terri, keep it till we get back, I will take care of this poor thing, but you should know that I will name it after you, and I will enjoy yelling 'Terri, stop pooping in my flowers!!!' maelennfromterokkareu'

Woman Begrudgingly But Lovingly Adopts A Fifth Kitten In A Wholesome Viral Thread

She was simply unable to say no.
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aita marriage relationships - 17090565

Wife Fed Up With Husband's "Close" Friend Carl, Internet Suspicious of Their Relationship

Thumbnail Image: ‘Grace and Frankie’ - Variety
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Parents Catch Their Children's' Unpredictable Reactions To Encanto Remix

Parents Catch Their Children's Unpredictable Reactions To Encanto Remix

Some are seriously #vibing
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best boss-employee relationships on TV | thumbnail text - these two are nsfw

We Ranked The Most Scandalous TV Show Boss-Employee Relationships

TV's most scandalous boss-employee relationships
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A whim away

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a collection of posts about cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat upside down showing its belly 'Told Mango he couldnt have anymore treats. Came back downstairs 15 minutes later and he pretended to pass away. And he wouldn’t move at all until I walked over and poked his face. Hands down the most dramatic cat I’ve ever met. u/xDiscoDuckx'

Cat Medley: Cuteness Galore, Funnies, Rescues, And Appreciation

The best kitty cats.
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