wearing jeans at home twitter thread | thumbnail text - Platypus Man @Platypus222 Replying AFeralDavid and @InternetHippo did once middle school during an overnight class trip because too nervous undress around other people still remember uncomfortable decades later. 7:55 PM Jan 14, 2022 Twitter Android

People Who Wear Jeans At Home Are Super Shady, And We Need To Get To The Bottom Of It (Twitter Thread)

Many of us have become pretty accustomed to working from home in the past two years. In the beginning, we used to wear sweats and pajamas, but then we realized wearing legitimate work clothes gave us the illusion that we actually left the house that day. However, what about the people that wear tight jeans when they're just hanging out and watching TV? That definitely causes us to raise our eyebrows a little higher. Twitter user @ InternetHippo tweeted that we need to keep our eyes on these typ…
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a reddit thread about a man's ex asking him for money to pay for their pet cat that she now takes care of | thumbnail says 'She asked for 200 dollars for his blood work today, I gave it to here and said that I can't keep doing this. She's in a more financially stable spot, and it isn't fair to me to keep paying for a pet I don't get to see. She says I cane come over any time, but it is uncomfortable to go back '

Woman Requests Money From Her Ex Boyfriend To Pay For Cat: Internet Weighs In

What would you do?
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trashy moments

Trashtacular Moments of Startling Garbage-osity

The world is full of surprises.
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Funny history memes, dank memes, random memes

20+ History Memes Inspired By the Classical Era

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adulting tweets | thumbnail text - Damilola Orija @the_dietchef ... Adulting 101: Having a bad day but showing up at work regardless because nobody cares and work has to be done 8:35 PM · Jul 12, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Adulting Tweets Which Expose The Harsh Truth About Growing Up

Cheers to never growing up
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video of ostriches running free | thumbnail image of ostriches running free through main roads china

Dozens Of Ostriches Run Free On Main Chinese Roads After Fleeing Farm (Video)

Run like the wind
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customer service malicious compliance retail karen - 16199685

Enraged Karen Demands “Your Name” So She Can Report Customer Service Rep, He Does Exactly What She Asked

Write "YOUR NAME" here.
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meme dump, random memes, dank memes, dumb memes, relatable memes, stupid memes, funny memes, spicy memes, memes, funny, lol

50+ Boredom-Crushing Memes for Comedy Cravings

Memes for the masses
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exes askwomen | thumbnail text - AngelHope715 · 1d 7 years into the relationship he still didn't want to take the next step (move in together) because he mom did everything. Only to find out a year after breaking up he has a new girlfriend who he hasn't even been with for a year and they now live together.

Disappointing Reasons Women Broke Up With Their Significant Other

So yesterday
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a bunch of photoshopped deer pictures | thumbnail includes two photoshopped pictures of deer

Darling Deer Looking For A Snack: Creative Remixes

Who won?
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A shady customer cons a front-end developer, and then a glorious pro revenge ensues.

Customer Cons Front-End Developer, Tech Revenge Ensues

Don't mess with the tech gurus.
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job, jobs, work, trick, code, IT, technology, tech support, story, reddit, coding

Redditor Gets Hailed As A Hero After Fully Automating Job

Wait until you realize how much they get paid.
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Strangest Golden Globes Looks Of All Time That Require Some Serious Explanation| Thumbnail text - woman, miley cyrus, emma stone, beyonce, dress, microphone

Strangest Golden Globes Looks Of All Time That Require Some Serious Explanation

We shall do our best
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25 grumpy cat pictures | thumbnail left angry cat with big eyes looking up at camera, thumbnail right sneaky cat looking from behind curtain

A Delightful Series Of Grumpy Cats Being Mad

Grumpy cats
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AITA for telling my parents that I make more than both my siblings when they told me to get a real job

Childcare Worker Gives Her Parents A Much-Needed Reality Check After They Criticize Her Line of Work, Prompts Ire From Siblings

Childcare is work too!
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mlm, pyramid scheme, mlm posts, cringe, facebook, monat, scammers, fail, memes, mlm memes, desperate, cringe pics, multi level marketing, herbalife, bossbabes, entrepreneur, gaslight, doublespeak

Memes & Cringey MLM Posts From Wannabe Entrepreneurs

They should really call it multi-level swindling
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