Strangest Golden Globes Looks Of All Time That Require Some Serious Explanation| Thumbnail text - woman, miley cyrus, emma stone, beyonce, dress, microphone

Strangest Golden Globes Looks Of All Time That Require Some Serious Explanation

We shall do our best
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25 grumpy cat pictures | thumbnail left angry cat with big eyes looking up at camera, thumbnail right sneaky cat looking from behind curtain

A Delightful Series Of Grumpy Cats Being Mad

Grumpy cats
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AITA for telling my parents that I make more than both my siblings when they told me to get a real job

Childcare Worker Gives Her Parents A Much-Needed Reality Check After They Criticize Her Line of Work, Prompts Ire From Siblings

Childcare is work too!
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funny times stupid people got school by science | Matihew Wilox DEAR ATHEISTS is cavemen survived asteroid but dinosaurs didn't? Mara Bangs Trick keep safe distance dinosaurs about 65 million years or so seemed do trick | B.o.B Follow @bobati cities background are approx. 16miles apart where is curve please explain this murderedbywords With circumference 24901 miles are looking at curvature around .2 degrees, or little more than 10 feet at 16 miles away. May say curvature is still significantly

20+ Entertaining Times Knowledge Was Dropped on Stupid People

Got 'em.
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Insensitive Woman Refuses To Let Ex-Husband Be With Daughter On His Bday| Thumbnail text - r/AmltheAsshole u/Notice-Ad2018 · 3h A 3 2 O 1 1 AITA for interrupting my exhusband's birthday and taking my daughter home because she was there without consent?

Insensitive Woman Refuses To Let Ex-Husband Be With Daughter On His Bday

Helicopter momming is out
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5 cat videos | thumbnail left image of cat leading herd of animals in snow, thumbnail right cat playing ping pong with old woman

Insta Cats: Funniest, Cutest, Most Purrfect Cat Videos Of The Week

Feline goodness
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management antiwork great resignation workplace Horrible Bosses big quit employment - 16208133

Manager Sends Insane Email After Employee Passes, Coworkers Can’t Grieve on Company Time Because the Deceased “Wouldn’t Have Wanted Productivity to Slide”

This goes beyond tone-deaf.
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dank memes, funny memes, random memes, dumb memes, meme dump, relatable memes, twitter memes, funny tweets, memes, funny, lol

A Bouquet of Memes & Tweets for Internet Aficionados

Your memes are ready
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dating a worm twitter thread | thumbnail text -ashhhh ... @heatherly_A Replying to @roastmalone_ if he wouldn't keep me wrapped around his finger and take me for walks I

If He Wouldn't Love You If You Were A Worm, He Ain't It, Sis (Twitter Thread)

We should be the only worms in our boyfriends' lives.
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animal tumblr posts | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - thereddestglass So I had to return a book to the library today and I came straight from the horse farm. I went to the front desk because it was an item on loan from another library and I wasn't sure if it had to be checked in differently. The librarian said no, it could get returned in the normal slot but she could take it and check it in right away. It was only when I got back to the car that I realized I had'

Tumblr Animal Posts Of Hilarity And Accidents

Tumblr animal goodness.
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funny fails and mistake

Chaotic Moments of Failure That Had People Rethinking Their Decisions

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Trashy people, cringe

Trashy People Who Are the Definition of Cringe

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science behind happiness twitter thread | thumbnail text - fuck is up with FUN scary Ser_NightYorb o happy today Replying danielleweisber drown out with overstimulation. If listening music while watching video while playing video games while eating while singing then there's no space be sad 12:12 AM Jan 16, 2022 Twitter iPad

People Reveal How They Trick Their Brains Into Having A Good Time (Twitter Thread)

The science secrets behind happiness
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list of funny and fresh animal memes | thumbnail includes two memes including a dog sitting on a human 'Dog - If I don't pet my dog immediately, he gets someone else to pet him then stares at me to see if l'm jealous' and a pile of half-eaten pretzels 'Plant - trill muertes @miffedtweeter goddamn raccoon got into my car & the mother fucker ate all the peanut butter out of my peanut butter pretzels'

Rise And Shine With Fresh Animal Memes (January 16, 2022)

Fresh animal meme deliciousness.
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management boss antiwork great resignation workplace Horrible Bosses big quit - 16197637

Insane Interviewer Asks For Doctor’s Note When They Schedule Job Interview at Inconvenient Time

That's the biggest red flag ever.
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Funny and spicy reaction memes, lol, humor

Spicy Reaction Memes For Responding to People Who Shouldn't Post

We've all seen dreadful and cringey posts on the internet. Sometimes they're political. Other times they're just overshares or opinions that are dumb as hell. At their worst, they're straight up offensive. You know, incel shit or bigotry. When we see posts that are incredibly bad, it can leave you at a loss for words. And that's when reaction memes come in. The brash and incredulous imagery really just says it all. And today we are presenting you with some extra spicy ones to add to your arsena…
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