Cracked Remade Denis Villeneuve's dune for $20

Video: Cracked Remade Dune, But With a $20 Budget

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Doo Wee Dooo

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karen moments reddit funny customer service wtf retail absurd | Ultimosome22 1.2k points 8 months ago needed leave gym because made her son feel like only fat people go gym

People Reveal Their Worst 'Karen' Encounters

No one likes a Karen...
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video about a retriever being rescued | thumbnail includes photo of the Labrador retriever after

Rescued Golden Retriever Looks Completely Different (Video)

Before and after!
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Man asks if he was in the wrong for putting sauce on an expensive steak prepared by his girlfriend.

Man Puts Sauce On Expensive Steak Prepared By Girlfriend, Asks If He's In The Wrong

Things can get dicey when it comes to steak.
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unsettling, funny, memes, glitch in the matrix, weird, unexplained, funny pics, weird pics

Perplexing 'Glitch in the Matrix' Moments Caught in the Wild

What even is real?
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An amazing birthday present!

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Man's Tweet About Staying Away From 'Vulgar' Women Roasted For Toxic Masculinity | thumbnail text - Eric @amerix Men, Stay away from vulgar women. A feminine, respectful woman values what she speaks or writes. A woman who easily says or writes "f ick", "vagina", "d.ck" is a NO. Vulgar women are damaged women who come with emotional baggage. FOCUS ON YOUR LIFE. #MasculinitySaturday

Man's Tweet About Staying Away From 'Vulgar' Women Roasted For Toxic Masculinity

Despite all the work we do to eradicate the toxic masculinity that seeps through society, it is still alive and well. The archaic and unhealthy attitudes that so many men have towards women will take a lot of work to undo totally, and even then, it may not ever really be gone. Just in case you're skeptical, some men go out of their way to let you know that they aren't changing their minds about women's roles and place in society any time soon. One guy took to Twitter to express his feelings on…
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Mor-Owl Support

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People describe the pettiest reasons that they rejected other people.

Pettiest Reasons People Were Rejected

Dating can be a brutal game.
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models, cringe, fake, photoshop, influencer, instagram vs reality, body image, body positivity, make up, retouching, instagram, facebook, social media

30+ Eye-Opening Reminders That Instagram is Not Reality

Ever scroll through Instagram for so long that your soul starts to fill with dread? You're not alone. Facebook's extensive internal research showed that Instagram makes body image issues worse for one in three teenage girls. In September, the Wall Street Journal reported on Facebook's research and the data lays bare what we all knew was true deep down. Still, even those acutely aware that Instagram poisons the mind with FOMO and insecurity continue to use the app. At some point, a precedent was
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Tilda Swinton In Talks For Doctor Strange

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Women Tell The Ridiculous Reasons Men Stood Them Up For A Date | thumbnail text - later on... "Met a guy for a drink and he told me he was chilly so he wanted to run back to his apartment (which was two blocks away) and grab a hoodie. He just never came back."

Women Tell The Ridiculous Reasons Men Stood Them Up For A Date

Awkward dating stories from real women in New York City
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Wow, That's One Famous Duck!

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funny tumblr gems

Resplendent Tumblr Gems of Random Hilarity

Shiny, too.
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Doppelgänger, funny, memes, funny memes, celeb, hollywood, lookalikes, off brand celebrities, walmart celebrities, lol, funny pics, puns

Off-Brand Celebrities & Comically Uncanny Lookalikes

Doppelgängers caught in the wild
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