Elna McHilderson says howdy! She’s the Editorial Lead for the Cheezburger Trending team. She oversees a team of writers who provide content on viral internet stories, videos, and, of course, memes for the brands Failblog, Memebase, ICanHas, Animal Comedy, Cheezcake, and Geek Universe. She also contributes to the written content, making sure the reporting is kept fresh and active. If you have any submissions of viral content, she’s your girl. She’s an avid TikToker, even though she’s a through-and-through millennial. She may have switched out staying “heckin’ heck” with “it’s giving,” but she can still read T-9. She has a long background in internet culture, and not just because she was born to the generation that made it popular. She has also worked at pioneering meme sites such as Buzzfeed and more. She has worked at Cheezburger for over a year now and is in love with having a front seat to the evolution of the internet. Her favorite part of being constantly online, though? The memes! Duh.

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