I’m Jesse Kessenheimer and I’m an editor for Cheezburger's Trending Team. I research, write, curate, and collect content for Memebase, Failblog, ICanHas, Geek Universe, Cheezcake, and Animal Comedy. You might be wondering where I get all this sass, snark, and anonymously charming personality quirks, and the answer is quite simple. I’m just a product of my environment, which has incidentally consisted of a disturbing amount of ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ events. I may be too old to be TikTok famous and too young to own a house, but I’m just the right age to have spent $.99 cents on a ringtone. Plus, I grew up with AOL Instant Messenger, a dying Neopet, and unsupervised internet time—which is why I’ve got the dark humor to back myself up in any situation. Fortunately for my generation, the tables have turned on what it looks like to be successful, so spending all my time in a basement being a pensionless vagabond who plays video games in the dark has actually become sort of endearing. In conclusion, if you want a healthy, daily dose of meme knowledge and pop culture, you’ve come to the right place. Keep on scrolling for some of my latest articles, pieces, collections, and meme lists that’ll keep your ribs tickling while you avoid doing your job, while you wait for your bagel to pop up, or even while you’re sitting on the porcelain throne in the break room.

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