Teachers Reveal The Worst Things Kids Bought In For Show And Tell | thumbnail text - Saerica22 · 13h The teacher across the hall from me had a student who brought what he thought was a lucky rabbit foot to show to the class and excitedly announced he had enough for everyone in the class. The rabbit foot was a tampon.

Teachers Reveal The Worst Things Kids Bought In For Show And Tell

Kids... bless them
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It's My House Now

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Via Animal Comedy
A choosing beggar expects a family to move out of their house for the week.

Choosy Beggar Expects Family To Move Out Of House For The Week

Absolutely absurd.
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Funny story about a car seller who tries to troll an entitled buyer | like car also, which is why won't be letting go 9k less than s worth. And not being dik s 7am and got stuff do ready make serious offer let know 07:12 Waste fukin time Absolute dikhead 07:13

Entitled Dude Gets Trolled By Amused Car Seller

Australians, man.
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Astrology Tweets That Had Us Looking At The Constellations With Some Serious Suspicion| Thumbnail text - jayO @theearthyvirgo Virgo: "I'll be nicer, if you be smarter." 99 3:22 PM · Jan 14, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone

Astrology Tweets That Had Us Looking At The Constellations With Some Serious Suspicion

It's hard to trust these days
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23 wholesome animal memes and images | thumbnail left cat sleeping in apple tree, thumbnail right small dog wearing helmet snap

A Boost Of Wholesome Hilarity: Animal Memes

Cats Doggos And Everything In Between
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creepy, cursed, weird wtf images

Cursed, Creepy and Weird Images From The Abyss

The abyss is the internet.
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dream, dreaming, dreams, sleep, sleeping, twitter, interesting, phone, smartphone

Bamboozling Thread Wonders Why We Do Or Don’t See Our Phones In Dreams

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wearing jeans at home twitter thread | thumbnail text - Platypus Man @Platypus222 Replying AFeralDavid and @InternetHippo did once middle school during an overnight class trip because too nervous undress around other people still remember uncomfortable decades later. 7:55 PM Jan 14, 2022 Twitter Android

People Who Wear Jeans At Home Are Super Shady, And We Need To Get To The Bottom Of It (Twitter Thread)

Many of us have become pretty accustomed to working from home in the past two years. In the beginning, we used to wear sweats and pajamas, but then we realized wearing legitimate work clothes gave us the illusion that we actually left the house that day. However, what about the people that wear tight jeans when they're just hanging out and watching TV? That definitely causes us to raise our eyebrows a little higher. Twitter user @ InternetHippo tweeted that we need to keep our eyes on these typ…
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cringey questions people seriously asked the internet | thumbnail includes text saying 'where can I get a dog egg?' 'What is a safe way to paint my kitten purple' 'Why is it ok for my dog to sniff a woman's crotch but I can't?'

Cringey Questions From Humans Who Have Clearly Never Owned A Pet Before

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petty revenge workplace Horrible Bosses - 15825413

Dejected Former Employee Nukes His Entire Catalogue of Work Years After Getting Fired

When placed in such a position... what would you do?
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cursed, cursed comments, comments, funny comments, reddit, social media, gold replies, cringe, dark humor, edgy, memes, funny, wtf | WANNA PLAY GAME? Reese's pieces RESEALABLE ZIPPER Skittles utter MILK This is cruel Russian roulette people with peanut allergies | 1989 2020 emily84 this makes look like Yoda harvested George Lucas' youth order rejuvenate

20+ Cursed Comments From Twisted Minds

People being dark and edgy in the comments
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adulting tweets | thumbnail text - Damilola Orija @the_dietchef ... Adulting 101: Having a bad day but showing up at work regardless because nobody cares and work has to be done 8:35 PM · Jul 12, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Adulting Tweets Which Expose The Harsh Truth About Growing Up

Cheers to never growing up
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a compilation of weird animal memes | thumbnail includes two memes saying 'heck this doing a leave' and 'when I need my space but I also want attention;

Weird Animal Meme Roundup: The Weirder The Better

Wack Animals
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A collection of very entertaining dad jokes.

Delightful Dad Jokes That Delivered Top Shelf Dad Humor

Dad jokes just never get old.
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Funny history memes, dank memes, random memes

20+ History Memes Inspired By the Classical Era

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