"you had one job" moments of professional failure

"You Had One Job" Moments Of Professional Inadequacy

Seriously, guys?
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Funny memes about work, relatable memes, work memes, bad jobs

Work Memes For Everyone Trying to Pay the Bills

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star wars kylo ren Video adam driver - 79150849

Adam Driver is Adorably Bad at Being Famous

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psyho roommate tweets | thumbnail text -  Alfred Bitchcock ... @aquarius_bimbo Imagine trashing someone's room, stealing their mattress, harassing and bullying them, and then beg for an apology? Oh wait you don't have to my psycho roommate already did that 9 let's see what she does next on the next episode of 'Morons Who Don't Know Security Cameras Exist'!

Psycho Roommate Gets Caught Trashing Woman's Room On Security Camera

Security footage doesn't lie
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article for pit bull awareness month with photos and fun facts | thumbnail includes photos of three pit bulls and the text 'Pit Bull Awareness Month'

Pawsome Photos Of Pit Bulls In Honor Of Pit Bull Awareness Month

Doggos Worldwide
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An entitled customer shows up when the restaurant's already closed, and then proceeds to leave a bad review.

Entitled Customer Shows Up When Restaurant's Closed, Leaves Nasty Review

Hopefully they're done leaving dumb reviews.
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nineties, 1990s, decade, 90s, 90s kid, nostalgia, twitter, funny twitter, millennials, gen z, lol

Nostalgic Thread Reveals What Gen Z Kids Wouldn’t Get About The 90s

A truly confusing decade.
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100% Rebel Timelord

weeping angels 12th Doctor dont-blink - 8386940672
Via dessi1998
funny story from woman about disappointing sexual encounter | thumbnail text - I think we ended up having sex, but I cannot be too sure if there was actually anything inside me

Woman's Funny 'Sexcapade' With Guy Who Was Disappointing In The Bedroom

Sexcapades... ridiculous tales of sexual debauchery
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12 images and videos of baby boar rescue story | thumbnail left woman smiling holding up baby boar "wildboar rescue!! thumbnail right newborn boar in cardboard box

Woman Finds A Box On Her Doorstep With A Wild Baby Boar Inside

Surprise! It's a baby... boar?
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A humorous Tumblr post about an unforgettable polymath who ended up working as a dentist.

Guy's Dentist Happens To Know Everything, Might Be Real Life Superhero

Dr. Z already sounds like a movie character.
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google, google maps, maps, street view, mistake, glitch, funny, people, funny photos

20+ Amusing Google Maps Shenanigans For Wannabe Urban Explorers

Glitches galore
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zuko Avatar the Last Airbender - 8499081984
By maorows (Via knowyourmeme)
an article about a celebrity adopting a rescue puppy | thumbnail includes a before and after pic of Penny

Actor Dave Bautista Adopts Rescue Puppy: Offers $5,000 Reward

“She is now a Bautista and will never be abused again a day in her life”
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siblings parenting family children - 15510533

Sister and Mother Insist Woman Babysits Her Sister's Children For Three Days a Week

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meme dump, random memes, funny memes, funny tweets, twitter memes, tumblr memes, funny pics, funny, funny headlines, lol, memes, lotr memes, gaming memes, dank memes, spicy memes, relatable memes

40+ Random Memes That Are Begging to Be Stolen

Let the memes take over your phone
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