classic who awesome the doctor - 74424065

Eclectic Method's 'Classic Doctors' Remix

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nice girl claims to be loyal after cheating on her boyfriend | thumbnail text - I'm not like these other binehes. I got you, if you got me. I'ma ride or die for mine, there ain't nothing I wouldn't do for mine. I may not be the prettiest bNch on the block but if I say I got you then best beleive I got you!

Cringey 'Nice Girl' Claims To Be Loyal After Cheating On BF, Gets Roasted By Internet

Let's toast to an internet roast
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video of dog sitting in various spots | thumbnail left and right if i fits I sits bean bag with french bulldog two images

If I Fits I Sits: French Bulldog Finding The Best Fits (Video)

Let's meet Youtube famous French Bulldog Duo: Griffin and Haru! "We are two French Bulldogs Griffin and Haru, we love to eat healthy food and show off our cute personalities. Haru loves to sing and do a trust fall. Griffin is the instigator when it comes to tantrums and is a very clever boy." Via YouTube. Haru, the French Bulldog, finds the best I Fits I Sits spots for fitting and sitting. If she fits she sits, eventually she takes a nap. Haru loves squeezing into the smallest of boxes and funn…
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frustrating school cringe ridiculous education Video tiktok - 2719238

Professor Requires Students To Attend Class In-Person, Doesn't Show Up Himself

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Cringey people who think they are really smart

Cringey Geniuses Who Think They're Smarter Than They Actually Are

Ok Einstein..
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A Family of Mutants

comics cosplay cute kids marvel superheroes wolverine - 6397725696
By Stephail
ruthf romance wives wife Pirate pirates love - 15256581

Five Reasons Ye Best Be Appreciatin' Yer Wife Today

Happy National Talk Like A Pirate Day AND Wife Appreciation Day!
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tweets about kittens hiding in random places | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Sarah Hollowell ... @sarahhollowell "Get a kitten," they said, "it'll be fun," they said, "you definitely won't be listening to him play under the couch and then you pull it away from the wall and he's not there so you touch the back of your couch and it touches back because the KITTEN IS INSIDE THE COUCH" 3:27 PM - Sep 18, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 1,233 Retweets 154 Quote Tweets 17K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Hooligan Kittens Who Get Into All The Places They Shouldn't

*mild heart attack happens* oh, there you are.
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husband watches football game while life goes into labor, tries lying about it to his mother

Husband Watches Football Game While Wife Goes Into Labor, Tries Lying About It

Oh boy.
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pregnancy, pregnancy test, gross, weird, content, video, facebook, twitter, content farm

Gross Viral Pregnancy Reveal Proves Content Farms Are Even More Shameless Than We Imagined

For many a devastatingly conventional heterosexual couple, a pregnancy reveal can be of the happiest milestones in their relationship. If they're the influencing type, they might even find a creative way to share the news on social media and presumably pre-plan the elaborate gender reveal in a few months' time. The Insta announcement from your high school bully might be cringe inducing enough, but we've got some bad news: the prank content creators have decided to get in on the game. After bein…
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Fan Art video games - 7463439104
By Discord666 (Via minionplz.)
sex ed season 3 tweets | thumbnail text - shi // sex ed spoilers ... @Y4NWEI we must never forget miss ruby matthews carried the entire sex education

Netflix's Sex Ed Is Back For Season 3, And Twitter Is Thrilled About This Season's Shenanigans

Lowkey ship Ruby and Otis
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list of babushkats, also known as photos of cats with their heads wrapped in blankets, towels, fabric | thumbnail includes two photos of cats dressed like babushkas with the text 'little babushka'

16 Beautiful BabushKats Radiating Grandma Energy

It's no secret that we enjoy the heck out of seeing cats living their best life, and sometimes living your best life means acting like a Russian grandmother, those women just have it all figured out. Enter… the babushkat! We've posted a few times about babushkats, or cats bundled up in blankets and scarves looking like tiny adorable cat babushkas. As the rainy season approaches, who doesn't have the urge to bundle up in some blankets like a cute babushka, safe from dogs and the outdoor elements…
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nostalgic toys and items

Nostalgic Toys And Things From the 80s and 90s

Get at 'em.
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meme dump, funny memes, random memes, funny tweets, twitter memes, relatable memes, nerdy memes, lotr memes, funny, lol, dank memes

60+ Rowdy and Random Memes for Internet Junkies

It's meme time
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The Hobbit Video - 59740417

8 Bit Hobbit is Way Quicker Than Those Movies

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