aita post | thumbnail text - r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/Ok_Improvement8072 7 hours ago AITA getting mad at my SIL choosing attend her best friend's wedding over mine?

Woman Chooses Best Friend's Wedding Over Her Sister-In-Law's, SIL Turns Into Bridezilla Over It

Besties over all else
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Bonding Time

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wholesome memes

Wholesome Moments To Access Those Feels

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TikTokers are Convinced that all Pet Hamster Die in Unnecessarily Traumatizing and Upsettingly Hilarious Ways

TikTokers are Convinced that all Pet Hamsters Die in Unnecessarily Traumatizing and Upsettingly Hilarious Ways

These are their stories. (One hamster burned down an entire building…)
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Couples Prank Their Significant Others' With Crazy Realistic 'Sad Filter' On Tiktok| thumbnail text - TO TA Everyone with the sad filter |right now

Couples Prank Their Significant Others' With Crazy Realistic 'Sad Filter' On Tiktok

Everything doesn't seem okay
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16 cat memes | thumbnail left cat driving co pilot with uber snapchat, thumbnail right black and white cat in starbucks robe "Instead of spelling your name wrong she just knocks your drink off the counter."

A Fresh Batch Of Hissterical Cat Memes Featuring Only The Funniest Of Felines

Purrfectly silly
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neighbor cuts down own mulberry tree after hearing lie about mulberry wine

Neighbor Lies About Mulberry Wine Success To Mess With Eavesdropping Neighbor, Cuts Her Own Tree Down

Absolutely terrific.
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Funny random memes and tweets

A Moderately Sized and Moderately Entertaining Batch of Memes

Time for a little history less: On this day exactly 10 years ago, a funny meme was born. I'm not sure exactly which one, but that's the beautiful thing about memes—new ones are made every day. Every hour. Even every second. Even the weakest and dumbest Marvel movie takes years and millions of dollars to produce. But the best memes are totally free and sometimes they only take a few seconds to create. It all comes down to having an idea. Some memes might shine a little bit brighter than others,…
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askwomen post | thumbnail text - He was a hoarder, had a history with addiction to various things, had zero financial literacy, had mommy issues, was selfish, couldn't communicate, was scared of commitment, had a history of cheating... and yet I thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. I got the rose tinted glasses ripped right off when he left me for a married woman. I'm so embarrassed for myself to have seen anything in him at all.

Women Reveal Why They're Embarrassed About Dating Particular Exes

Beyond embarrassing
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4 TikTok videos of a woman taking bad photos of her cats | Thumbnail includes a two close up screenshots of a black cat with yellow eyes, and a white and grey cat standing with its hands up

Woman Is Obsessed With Taking Bad Pictures Of Her Cats

Okay but who isn't?
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Man's Tinder Match Orders 100 McChickens On First Date; She Says They Should 'Split Them'

Man's Tinder Match Orders 100 McChickens On First Date; She Says They Should 'Split Them'

About 96 too many
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A Medium Sized Scoop Of Tasty Memes

Hold the sprinkles
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10 Facts About Online Dating Scams

True love or true crime? There are a ton of fraudsters out there looking to capitalize on those looking for love. With the number of people seeking a meaningful relationship via one of the many dating apps or social media platforms increasing by the day, so is the number of predators trying to scam innocent victims out of piles of cash. Though Netflix’s ‘The Tinder Swindler’ sheds light on how the one sociopathic con artist scammed three unsuspecting women out of over half a million dollars, th…
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