Hilarious Women's Tweets That Restored Our Faith In Humor| Thumbnail text - an anxious panda @thehubrispanda ... excuse me while I overthink this and get back to you. 2:39 PM · 9/14/21 · Twitter for Android 471 Retweets 10 Quote Tweets 1,256 Likes

Hilarious Women's Tweets That Restored Our Faith In Humor

The women of Twitter just get it
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story about men rescuing a dog who turns out to be a wolf | thumbnail includes a picture of a wolf in a blanket

Workers Save Shivering 'Dog' Only To Be Surprised It Was No Dog At All

An amazing rescue with a twist.
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An emotionally stirring story about the time that David Bowie gave a kid an "invisible mask."

Emotional Story About David Bowie Gifting Kid "Invisible Mask"

RIP to a true legend.
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Funny twitter thread about crab-eating raccoon in man's attic

Man Learns of Crab-Eating Raccoon Squatting In His Attic, Takes Twitter Along For the Ride

Sounds nice enough.
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cosplay convention music video - 61561601

Cosplay Music Video From Momocon 2014

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Crazy bachelorette party stories | thumbnail text - Posted by u/[deleted] 6 years ago Women of reddit, what is the craziest thing you have ever seen at a bachelorette party?

Wild Bachelorette Parties Which Went Completely Off The Rails

Bride tribes need to chill TF out
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13 animal tweet images | thumbnail left car left on dog mode with tweet text " my girlfriend just said “brb" and left me in the car on dog mode S16 My owner will be back soon Don't worry! The A/C is on and it's 69 °"

Weekly Treat: Funniest And Overall Best Animal Tweets

Happy day, pals. It might be Monday, but that isn't going to stop us from having a pawsome day filled with good vibes and animal humor. We have got some good vibes and energy heating up to perfection in the oven. DING Oh, was that our timer? It sure was. She's baked, fluffy, and ready to pop the heck out of the oven. That's right, it's time for our weekly treat! It's the funniest and overall best animal tweets of the week. Let's get this bread. Every week, we scour through every dusty corner of…
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funny classified ads from newspapers

Wild Classified Ads That Show Humanity At Its Finest

Good old print media.
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r/suicidebywords, self-deprecating, self-owns, roast, funny comments, reddit, funny, memes, facebook, funny pics, youtube comments

Impressive Times People Roasted Themselves With Self-Deprecating Precision

Severe self-owns
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Nice Trunks

superheros surfing wtf - 7936786176
Via Old Show Biz
Makeup fails | thumbnail text - makeup

Horrendous Makeup Fails Which Made Us Gasp

Which bad makeup artist is behind this atrocity?
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collection of wholesome animal memes | thumbnail includes two memes including a cheetah and a cheetah cub 'Plant - Smart kid asking me if would like some help with Math because I was struggling with it Thank you Me I will never forget this I would fight for you' and two cats hugging 'Cat - My Gf still being there for me Me who just opened up about my traumas'

Heartwarming Animal Memes To Start The Week Off Pawfectly (September 20, 2021)

Good vibes only.
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funny fashion clothing fails

Wildly Questionable Clothing and Fashion Failures

Taste is subjective, sort of.
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gamers, gaming, tiktok, homophobia, lgbtq, argument, tiktok, kids, wholesome

12-Year-Old Schools Fellow Gamers On LGBTQ+ Rights, Wins The Admiration Of The Internet

You don't have to be a gamer to know that there are few more openly toxic people than a cocky preteen boy with an Xbox . It's common knowledge that slurs and abuse are the primary language in your average round of multiplayer Call Of Duty, and the youngest, most impressionable players can be the ones most susceptible to this. However, one viral video has proved that perhaps the times are finally changing. When @buumblebeeduo__ , who is a lesbian, overheard her little brother arguing with his ga…
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Attack on Humanity

anime attack on titan - 8110589184
Via Snapchat
Dark Memes For Anyone Who Has Accepted Their Humor Is Seriously Messed Up| thumbnail text - When you are on the verge of mental collapse and something of minor inconvenience happens Today's the daaaaay!

Dark Memes For Anyone Who Has Accepted Their Humor Is Seriously Messed Up

When your soul's darker than your no-smudge eyeliner
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