The U.S. Military Accidentally Sent Live Anthrax Samples to Labs Nationally and Abroad. Oopsie-Poopsie?

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A team in Utah's Dugway Proving Ground sent what they thought were inactive samples to various other bases around the world for study before finding out they hadn't been properly irradiated before being sent off.

As NPR reports, the incident isn't as unlikely as you might think. The deadly substance is notoriously hardy and difficult to kill. With billions of potential spores to render inert via radiation, a 99.99% success rate isn't enough to keep samples from being potentially dangerous.

Luckily the threat has been contained and there's no risk to the general public, though surely someone's ass will be grass somewhere down the line...

Netflix Wants More Arrested Development and It's Iraqi McMansions in 2016

Arrested Development is coming back in 2016 according to Netflix.
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Even though fans were pretty split on the 2013 return of Arrested Development, the series apparently will be given another chance to redeem its good name. Executive Producer Brian Glazer appeared on the Adam Carolla podcast June 2 and confirmed that Netflix wants more of the Bluths:

"Well, I had a conversation with Fox today, this morning. Netflix is determined to do more episodes, so we're gonna do more episodes. We're going to do it [at] the turn of the year. January, February we're gonna start it. […] Mitch Hurwitz, who I just called while I was sitting out there in your beautiful waiting room. […] I made the call to Mitch to say everybody's into it."

He said the plan is to turn the episodes around and have them on your television or Netflix watchin' device by mid-2016.

No word yet if everyone will return or maybe everyone can be in the same scene for more than two minutes of the season. Here's hoping they turn out a return to form for one of the greatest television comedies of all time.

What do you think? Excited? Meh?