We Really Have No Idea What to Think About These Ted Cruz Simpsons Impersonations

Via: Buzzfeed
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Politicians are getting savvy on how to try and talk to them there young people.

If you're trying to convince people that you are the best to influence domestic policy and forward an international presence, you need to make sure citizens hear your varying Simpsons impressions.

Isn't this just, like, surreal weird?

It's obviously some public relations move to 'open up and show the people how much darn fun you like to have' and that sincere attempt at being human makes him seem so much less human, right?

Or not, maybe it's just some guy havin' fun. 

It's still super weird. And worth watching.

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It's a well established scientific theorem that Michael Fassbender > Ashton Kutcher. 

Plus, this is Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin. Those are two talented people, right?