Yeah, it's Tuesday. The day where we return to work after a long President's day weekend and have to sink back into that daily routine that we've damn near forgotten. 

Those three whole days off that work grind leave you wondering how you ever woke up this early and leave you lamenting the fact that you have to actually put on pants. 

At least it's a short week amiright? 

So. Yeah. Here's those memes. 

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Via: WatchCut Video
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These videos of regular people describing their sex are very uncomfortable. Mainly because at least one half of each couple would rather jump off a building than talk about this stuff. 

I can't say that I blame them.

Ok. Tips for looking cool during intercourse:

  • Mouth closed
  • Eyes open — No blinking
  • Heavy breathing — THROUGH YOUR NOSE ONLY

If only these couples could just be honest and admit that this is everyone's "O" face.

via Popkey

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