donald trump inauguration compared to obama
Via: Vox
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You can see a whole lot of green on the National Mall, and not the good kind.

Everyone knew that President Trump’s inauguration was having trouble putting people on stage and butts in seats, but compared to other inaugurations, this is pretty weak. Arial shots of the inauguration of the nation’s first reality-TV, gameshow host president reveal that not that many people went to this thing:

via Vox

Look at all that grass. It looks especially weak compared to Obama’s inauguration in 2009.

via Vox/Jewel Samad AP

And them together, side by side? Yeesh:

Yeesh. Nothing left to say but:

I'll bet the people responsible for the petty notes and letters in these photos are just a bundle of joy to work with.

These are the kind of people that make waking up to an alarm clock every morning just to sit in traffic a real joy.

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