Take A Peak Inside The Home of Chip And Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna Gaines once graced our television screens as the hosts behind the wildly popular reality TV series, Fixer Upper. With each aired episode, the capable couple would enter the lives of skeptical strangers and transform their living spaces to match up to their most extravagant dreams. The show gained millions upon millions of fans around the world. As their own family continued growing, Chip and Joanna put their client projects aside and began to focus on their own home journey. To the surprise of their many friends, Chip and Joanna would purchase the unlikely and unexpected property. After months of renovations and extensive planning, the Gaines family moved in. We’re taking an in-depth look behind the home’s walls. From the master bedroom to the boys’ room, this home is certainly one of Chip and Joanna’s most awe-inspiring accomplishments. For an exclusive look inside the million-dollar home, keep reading!

The Beginning

Lovely Joanna met Chip in the couple’s beloved home state of Texas. They both attended the same high school and after years of passing each other in the corridors, the two would embark on a relationship in 2001. Chip soon knew this would be his forever partner.

By 2003, the pair had married and their shared passion of interiors would soon take the husband and wife on an unforeseen journey.