Take A Peak Inside The Home of Chip And Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna Gaines once graced our television screens as the hosts behind the wildly popular reality TV series, Fixer Upper. With each aired episode, the capable couple would enter the lives of skeptical strangers and transform their living spaces to match up to their most extravagant dreams. The show gained millions upon millions of fans around the world. As their own family continued growing, Chip and Joanna put their client projects aside and began to focus on their own home journey. To the surprise of their many friends, Chip and Joanna would purchase the unlikely and unexpected property. After months of renovations and extensive planning, the Gaines family moved in. We’re taking an in-depth look behind the home’s walls. From the master bedroom to the boys’ room, this home is certainly one of Chip and Joanna’s most awe-inspiring accomplishments. For an exclusive look inside the million-dollar home, keep reading!

The Beginning

Lovely Joanna met Chip in the couple’s beloved home state of Texas. They both attended the same high school and after years of passing each other in the corridors, the two would embark on a relationship in 2001. Chip soon knew this would be his forever partner.

By 2003, the pair had married and their shared passion of interiors would soon take the husband and wife on an unforeseen journey.

Settling Down

Once Joanna and Chip married they began to search for their dream home. The home-loving pair would ultimately live in 9 different homes over the course of the next few years. Eventually they found a house that would become the ideal home for their thriving family.

They would soon take on a personal renovation project that would test the couple’s patience and strength as a family unit. Only time would tell if the labor of love would pay off…

A Unique Choice

Joanna and Chip had chosen an unlikely home. This was no grand, palatial mansion, but a derelict farmhouse. While the home was not massive, it certainly would be an enormous fix-up job.

The pair purchased the home in 2012 and set out to plan for extensive renovations. Originally, the home had only two bedrooms and a particularly unattractive unfinished attic.

The Long Journey

The job would ultimately take 18 months before the foundation was completely transformed. The renovations took their toll on both Chip and Joanna. The pair were working on their own home as well as catering to the needs of their many clients.

While going through the home’s dilapidated interior, Joanna came upon papers that indicated the home was built in 1895. It seemed the old farmhouse had a story of its own to tell.

Moving In

The Gaines family would move into their new home in October 2013. Though the couple were determined to transform the space, Joanna was adamant that she would keep the farmhouse’s old world charm and character. She decided she would keep the extensions on the property to a minimum.

The only real alteration she would make to the home was to allow for a grand and larger master bedroom. The house would retain its unique beauty as well as cater to the family’s growing needs.

Keep it Natural

As always, Joanna began with an envisioned palette for her new home. Paying tribute to the home’s architectural integrity and the seasonal natural setting, the home-lover chose a palette of soft neutral colors.

Whites, earthy browns, grays and warm hues allowed for the traditional wooden features to shine. Joanna also wanted to complement the surrounding oak trees with the home’s chosen colors.

Welcome Home

Joanna paid special attention to the home’s entrance hall. Stepping through the wooden doors, one is welcomed by an airy, bright and inviting space.

A coat rack lies beneath an inspirational message while the other wall is embellished with a large ‘g,’ for Gaines. The space is clean, warm and expertly curated – just like Mrs Gaines herself.

Kitchen Cool

No family home is complete without a central and welcoming kitchen. The large, open-plan kitchen is made for family meals and conversations.

With the white subway tiles, chic black fixtures and fittings as well as the warm wooden flooring, the kitchen strikes the perfect balance between modernity and old world charm. The central island is the perfect spot for a lazy breakfast or an indulgent late night snack.

Luxe Living

The kitchen effortlessly flows into the home’s large dining and lounging area. The dining table is suitably sized for the family as well as their beloved friends.

Joanna combats the sleekness of the home’s industrial features with wooden accents, plush couches and fragrant, fresh flowers.

Lounge About

A closer look at the lounge area further emphasises Joanna’s love for soft colors, ambient lighting and inviting textiles. The lounge is one of the home’s most used and most loved areas.

After a long day at work or at school, the family is often found here, sharing stories of their daily adventures. The lounge is functional and beautiful, warm yet curated.

All in the Details

Given Joanna’s incredible eye for detail, the Gaines home is the perfect example of how small accents and nuances can make a house a home. Joanna has made sure to keep the home’s style eclectic, often including finds and treasures which she has scoured from local vintage markets and boutiques.

We simply love this vintage lamp, antique glass bottle collection and these old wooden shutters which have been transformed into a wall feature.

For Family

In true Gaines’ spirit, the house is transformed with each winter season. As the days become colder, the Gaines children spend their mornings playing Jenga over breakfast at the dining room table.

Christmas calls for an elaborate Christmas tree, complete with silver baubles, fairy lights and a faux fur shag rug.

Work and Play

But this home does not only offer a space for fun and relaxation. Joanna and Chip curated the interior knowing they would each need a space for quiet and work.

The couple have the luxury of calling their home, their office too. This desk is easily transformed into a makeshift workspace for either of the busy, working parents.

Burning Bright

Joanna and Chip have always had a special love for a central fireplace. There is something about the functional feature that creates an ambience of warmth, comfort and quiet luxury.

When the temperatures drop, the family can often be found huddled around the warmth of the fireplace. The rustic brick molding and the stag’s head offer this feature a little something extra.

Fit for a King and Queen

Joanna and Chip have kept the master bedroom humble yet beautiful. The large room is flooded with natural light with floor-to-ceiling windows on either side of the bed.

The room’s spectacular wooden features need little embellishment. The palette of grays and whites complement the warmth of the flooring. The master bedroom is a space for contemplation and rejuvenation.

Take a Seat

The master bedroom also features a small lounge complete with plush armchairs, an ottoman and a gorgeous fireplace. Joanna made sure to use textured fabrics and quiet colors for the space.

The little lounge is the perfect spot to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book. We especially love the one-of-a-king antique writing desk.

En Suite Luxury

Of course, each master bedroom needs a spectacular, kitted-out en suite bathroom. Joanna spent months tracking down the old wooden doors to be used in the home.

The unique door opens up to the tiled, all-white bathroom. On either side of the door, Joanna has made interesting use of outdoor lanterns.

Bathing Beauty

With a palette of warm whites and pale accents, the bathroom is a little tiled oasis. The free-standing tub adds as well as the rustic beauty of the vintage chandelier adds an easy sense of luxury to the space.

The relatively simple bathroom is the ideal room for a relaxing soak after a long day.

Kiddie Cool

Chip and Joanna’s daughters, Ella Rose (11) and Emmie Kay (8) also have a bedroom fit for two princesses in training.

Like the rest of the home, you’ll find no garish shades or vivd color in the room. Only a splash of pink interrupts the pale shades. We simply love the quiet wall art and enviable doll’s house.

Boyish Beds

Joanna and Chip have a wonderful capacity to utilize spaces to their absolute fullest. The boys’ room is the perfect example. Their three young sons rest their lucky heads in this stylish and practical bedroom.

The bunk beds have been custom made and fitted with these industrial steel railings and ladders. Once again, the stag makes an appearance in the en suite bathroom.

Adventure Time

The rest of the boys’ room offers a whole lot of space for fun and games. We especially love the wall ladder as well as the bar-style wall table and stools that could be used for card games and daily homework.

Yet again, the colors have been kept quiet and complementary with a range of blacks, grays, whites and the occasional warmth of a wooden accent.

Family First

No art makes a home quite like framed photographs. Joanna and Chip have paid homage to their beautiful family with this little home gallery, located on the stairway.

The effect is kept chic and in keeping with the rest of the home, with the clean frames and black and white photos.

But First Coffee

This might make every coffee-lover sigh with jealousy. The Gaines home has its very own coffee bar! The little home cafe is fitted with coffee machines and comfy bar stools.

This is the ideal spot for a home meeting or a morning caffeine fix before rushing the kids off to school.

Craft and Create

A woman of Joanna’s many talents is in desperate need of a home space for creativity. Located in the renovated, lofty attic space, Joanna has made herself a crafting room. This is where the magic happens! The loving mom’s many business ventures all begin at this very table.

The space also acts as the occasional location for the kids to draw, paint and get creative.

Elegant Entertaining

The couple are always opening their doors to visiting family and friends. There is no better place to entertain on a balmy summer’s evening, than outside. We simply love this spot!

Surrounded by acres of greenery, this table beneath an open gazebo is the sublime location for al fresco lunches and freshly-prepared dinners.

Green Thumb

Joanna’s passions go beyond the four walls of the farmhouse. Her garden and greenhouse is one of her most prized spots on the property.

Joanna has a green thumb and often uses her own freshly-grown herbs in the family’s many meals.

Everything in its Place

Joanna’s style is always aesthetically pleasing but fuss-free. The kitchen is an example of how the Gaines’s keep things beautiful yet functional. Joanna’s homeware is a mix of pale yellow, teal and white pieces.

With the fresh color palette, displaying her dishes create a gorgeous effect. We especially love the quirky ‘super market’ sign!

True Love

Chip and Joanna love each of their projects, but their family home holds a special place in the couple’s hearts. The idyllic farmhouse and its surrounding 40 acres may have cost the famous pair a pretty penny, but the reported worth of the renovated house has not been disclosed.

The couple has been said to be currently worth $8 million, we’re sure their home asset is a keen reflection of their growing wealth.


Space to Play

It seems every open space in the family home is an opportunity for some fun. Even though Joanna is meticulous when it comes to her interiors, as a mom of many, she knows that a home is meant to be truly lived in.

Though the home does hold an air of sophistication, the home welcomes all of its guests with open arms.

A True Home

The Gaines family home is a major accomplishment for the HGTV stars. What first started as a rundown farmhouse in need of some major renovations turned into one of the most inviting and beautiful homes one could ever ask for on that many acres of Texas land.

It’s rustic without being rusty and stylish without feeling ill-fitting of the farmland. Chip and Joanna have made good on their claim of being true fixer-uppers when it comes to decorating their own homes as well as the clients they serve on their show.