These Hilarious Photos Show How Jealous People Can Get

Jealousy can be a very ugly thing. From a simple feeling of envy, we can end up hating or resenting others. We can do terrible things or feel the kind of anger that we otherwise couldn’t imagine. And worst of all, jealousy can begin from just about anything: envy of someone’s possessions, looks, love life, and so forth. Sometimes, instances of jealousy can also be pretty amusing, however. When caught in photographs, it can be downright funny. Let’s take a look at some examples of times when people were caught being jealous in a picture.

Where’s My Cone?

There are many reasons that people can end up feeling jealous. There’s the jealousy of seeing someone else with the person you have a crush on, there’s the jealousy of seeing someone driving your dream car, and then there’s that primal state of feeling jealous over…food.

Specifically in this case, ice cream. This little boy just can’t understand why those girls get to enjoy an ice cream cone while he has to go without. Somebody buy the little tyke one!


Hollywood has always been all about publicity. When you see the chance to generate some, you have to take advantage. Actress Sophia Loren said that was what was going on in this famous pic with fellow actress Jayne Mansfield. “She came right for my table.

She knew everyone was watching,” Loren said. Later on, she would also say that she didn’t actually have any problems with Mansfield and was actually just impressed that her top managed to stay in place!

Safety Last

Sometimes, the best way to ward off potential jealous feelings is to just not allow the situation to take place at all. This crafty girl noticed a cute girl in a short dress in front of her and her boyfriend and decided to take care of the situation by just covering his eyes.

That seems a little dangerous while crossing the road, but hey, the two of them seem like they’re having fun with it.

Cat Person

Dogs are very lovable animals that are famous for their ability to form a lasting connection with humans. However, they can also be quite jealous, as you see here!

This little girl is just enamored with her new kitten, but her dog friend can’t help but feel that he’s been betrayed and replaced in the process. The look on his face says it all as he’s helplessly watching his best friend cuddle with a kitten.

Recreating The Photo

If you remember the famous photo of Sophia Loren giving serious side-eye to Jayne Mansfield’s rather ample cleavage, this reenactment will make you chuckle. Here, Modern Family stars Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara decided to reenact the famous pic in a hilarious fashion, with Bowen playing the part of the envious actress to Sofia’s Jayne Mansfield.

Is there any truth to the jealousy here? We don’t know.

Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

Sometimes, a person can think of a great life hack that makes the rest of us instantly smack our foreheads as if to say, “Why didn’t I think of that first?” Look at the guy in the background in this pic, for instance.

All he can do is look on as the guy in the photo gets all the attention from the ladies. What did he do to earn it? He was smart enough to realize that women will always pet a dog when they get the chance.

Body Envy

This photo may just be the result of awkward timing, or it may represent some serious body envy on the part of Spring Breakers co-stars Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez.

You’ll have to be the judge! However, it seems pretty clear to us that Vanessa especially is totally impressed with what she sees and dare we say it, a little bit envious, as well. You always want what you don’t have, after all!

No Swiping

One of the most intense feelings of jealousy you have when you’re a kid is when it’s someone else’s birthday. You’re at a party, watching someone else blow out candles and open presents, and meanwhile your birthday is eight months away!

Well, this woman is having that same basic feeling as she looks at the delicious cake at the next table over. She looks like she might try swiping the cake while the guy isn’t looking!

What’s This Treachery?

If you know anything about babies, it’s that they want and expect attention pretty much every moment that they’re awake. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this adorable little baby is white concerned about the fact that his mother and father are giving attention to each other instead of him.

If he could speak, he would probably sound like Stewie from Family Guy as he demands to know what this treachery is about.

Squeezed Out

Teen relationships seem like they are the perfect way to generate a little jealousy here and there, but it isn’t always romantic relationships that do so. Especially with girls, friendships can often be the ultimate jealousy generators. Look at the girl on the left of this photo, for example!

She’s been left out of the photo with her bestie, who just wanted to take a pic with her other friend. She is not happy!

Doesn’t Measure Up

People always reassure you that size isn’t the most important thing, but that’s definitely not true in fishing, where the size of the fish you catch is absolutely the main goal.

This poor guy on the right has found that out the hard way, as he has to compete with his friend’s towering catch with a tiny little fish that he could easily fit in the palm of his hand. Better luck next time, guy!

Just Making Sure

Even when you’re a celebrity and one of the most popular women on the planet, you can get jealous. This photo right here proves it! Here we have former Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham keeping an eye on her husband, soccer legend David Beckham, to make sure that he’s not watching the dancers in front of him at the basketball game.

However, it looks like he’s sneaking a peek…we wonder if he got in trouble for that!

On The Sidelines

Sometimes, opposites attract not only in love, but in friendships. The guy in the foreground is at a comic convention, where he is quite confidently chatting up a cosplayer dressed up as April O’Neil from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

However, his friend in the background clearly isn’t as comfortable talking with girls and can only watch from the sidelines while green – or red – with envy.

Face Of Regret

The feeling of regret can be a quite powerful thing, indeed. That’s very clear in photos like this, where the young man pictured obviously has some second thoughts about his choice of treat. While he opted for a tiny popsicle, his sister is chowing down on a comically large ice cream cone.

Oh, you just know that this little boy would do just about anything to go back in time and make a different decision now!

Just Admiring?

You don’t associate jealousy with someone as confident and successful as R&B songstress Rihanna, so maybe that’s not what we’re seeing here. Rihanna is blessed with amazing looks and talent, but as you can see while she stares at Nicki Minaj, there are some things she doesn’t have.

Still, knowing what we know of Rihanna, she may just be admiring her peer here, not actually spending time being jealous of her.

Runner Up

Tennis can be a mentally challenging sport. You constantly have to prove yourself in tournaments, and after traveling all the way through a stacked bracket with win after win, it has to feel like a huge let down to watch someone else hoist the winner’s trophy.

Sure, second place is impressive in its own right, but as you can see by Andy Murray’s expression, it’s definitely no substitute for actually winning.

Leave Room For The Dog

This dog is the kind of chaperone that any overprotective parent would approve of. These two young lovers are extremely excited to be together, but the dog isn’t having any of that hugging stuff. He’s going to inject himself into this hug no matter what it takes, as you can tell by this impressive leap off the ground during the perfectly timed photo.

As we learned earlier, dogs can be very jealous! In this case, you have to make sure to give the dog affection before hugging someone else.

Lonely Day

This photo may just be the saddest one of our list and it doesn’t even include any faces! The woman in blue’s posture just says it all.

It’s one thing to be stuck out in the rain under an umbrella, it’s another thing to be stuck out in the rain under an umbrella by yourself while a happy couple cuddles together and enjoys each other’s company squeezed under an umbrella not three feet away from you. Maybe her husband was just headed to the restroom?

Angry Big Brother

Anyone who has been on the internet for more than five minutes has seen one of those “baby reveal gone wrong” videos where one of the older siblings finds out Mom is pregnant and has an absolute meltdown while realizing that he or she isn’t the sole focus anymore.

Well, look at this poor tyke. He’s been the heart and soul of the family and now there’s this baby in the family that’s getting all the attention! I kind of feel bad for the little guy, actually.

My Best Friend’s Girl

The first thing you’ll notice about this photo, obviously, is that the friend is kind of a third wheel in this scenario and looks none too happy to be all alone while his buddy noodles with some girl.

While that may be jealous behavior on his part, can we talk about how rude it is to be hanging out with a single guy and only focusing on your significant other while making him feel left out? If you’re gonna do that, just go out on a date by yourselves, you two!

Hurry Up And Get Over Here

Sometimes, jealousy isn’t about thinking your loved one is chatting up the opposite sex. Sometimes, it’s about wanting the other person’s attention, period. That’s definitely the case with Jennifer Aniston here.

The actress, who is well known to throw fits when she doesn’t get her way, does not look pleased that then-boyfriend Justin Theroux is busy talking to someone else. Maybe that’s why the relationship ultimately didn’t last? We’ll probably never know.

I’ll Have What She’s Having

This poor little guy didn’t get a Happy Meal like his sister did. His parents don’t think he’s old enough and they’re making him eat like he’s still a baby, instead.

Well, he’s definitely not too happy about it, as you can see by his jealous gaze. His sister is chowing down on a cheeseburger and he wants to know why he can’t have just one little bite! Wouldn’t it be nice for his big sister to share just this once? She’d be glad she did once he grows up and is bigger than her!

Girls’ Club

At first, you don’t even notice anything is going on in this photo, but upon further review, you’ll see a girl in the hallway watching the scene and looking not pleased at all.

The four girls in the photo are wearing matching tops and posing for photos, meanwhile the girl in the background is definitely feeling jealous and left out. Honestly, this one is a bit sad. Hopefully, after the photo was taken, they noticed her standing there and included her in the fun.

This Is Fine

Kanye West is a hard guy to keep track of, as his opinions and stances are always changing. Before he started expressing his views on politics (which was ill-advised), he couldn’t decide how he felt about Taylor Swift. For a while, the two seemed cool with each other, as you can see here.

But you can also see that his wife, the beautiful Kim Kardashian, isn’t too pleased that they’re getting along so well. Maybe she was secretly happy when the two renewed their feud?

Keep Dreaming

You have to hand it to this fella. He has a long way to go before his physique reaches the level of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s back when he was a professional bodybuilder, but he’s not afraid to see how he measures up. Well, it turns out that he doesn’t measure up so well, but hey, neither do 99% of us!

The important thing is that this guy turns his envy into motivation and continues to improve and better himself. We’re rooting for you, skinny mystery guy!

Just A Puppet

Dogs are very good at a large number of things. If you’re looking for a loyal creature that will always love you, dogs are great, for instance. If you want something that won’t be easily fooled, maybe look somewhere else.

This dog doesn’t care that the challenger to his throne is just a stuffed animal…he can’t resist being adorably jealous, anyway. Just look at the look in that poor dog’s eyes! He thinks that he’s finally been replaced by his owner!

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

This is the thousand yard stare of the middle child. Yes, this young man has just had it settle in that not only is he not the oldest, but he’s also not the baby of the family any longer. No, that role belongs to his new little brother. He’s not sure exactly where he fits in now.

Welcome to the middle child life, little man! Hopefully, his parents make sure to give him plenty of attention so that his fears don’t fully come to fruition, however.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Courtside seats can be a pretty amazing thing. There you are, enjoying the game from right next to the action, but not only that, you can also hobnob with the stars if you’re in the right city. New York Knicks games definitely attract some celebrities, as you can see here.

Olivia Wilde is showing Christopher McDonald and Tom Hanks the ring she got from Jason Sudeikis, but what we can’t stop noticing is the girl in the row behind them. She definitely wants that rock on her finger.

Unhappy Memories

This poor mother thought that she finally had everything set for the perfect picture. That’s no easy task when you have three little girls, two of whom are under the age of four! However, just as the photo was being taken, the middle daughter decided to absolutely rage on the little baby.

It looks as if she’s unhinging her jaw to suck the very soul out of her baby sister. Let’s hope that Mom noticed before the dark ritual was completed.

Filled Out

For young ladies like these, going out with friends is a definite highlight of your week. It’s the time when you get all dressed up, get your hair and makeup looking perfect, and then…immediately notice that another girl in your group is rocking her outfit 100 times better than you are!

In this case, the girl in black was caught on camera being quite obviously envious of her friend, who is a little more, uh, naturally gifted in some areas.

The Cake Is A Lie

It’s pretty mean to have a piece of cake and make a huge show of enjoying it while knowing that not everyone gets to have some, right? Well, that’s not stopping this guy. He’s really making a big deal about how delicious that cake is, and it has not escaped the notice of the girl looking at him.

She looks more than a little jealous, and if he isn’t careful, he might find himself short one piece of cake (and maybe a hand too) in a second or two.

I’m Not Smiling

This is another instance where a dog is quite clearly unhappy about having to share his owner with another human. This photo is an absolute classic because of the dog’s facial expression.

It looks like one of those pics where you ask a small child to smile, but he or she is having a tantrum and refuses to stop looking angry for the photo. The girlfriend is completely oblivious to the dog’s annoyance, however, but when she saw the pic she definitely got the message.

What’s The Big Deal?

Not everybody is a huge fan of Amber Rose, but it’s pretty much undeniable that when she walks down the street, she turns heads. Sometimes, those heads turn for more than one reason, however.

In this case, the woman in the background looks more than a little envious of Amber and the attention she’s getting. Maybe we’re all interpreting it the wrong way, however. Maybe she’s actually just wondering what all the fuss is about and why someone’s photographing the woman in red.

The Jealousy Train

In public, it’s easy to forget that people may be looking at your reaction to things. That appears to have happened here, as someone caught this woman admiring the physique of a toned passenger on the train and decided it was funny enough to take a picture of it.

The girl sitting down is clearly wishing she had spent more time in the gym so she could look like that, too. But hey, she looks quite nice herself, so she should learn to be more happy with what she’s got.

Don’t You See Me?

At first glance, this is just a cute pic of a young girl cuddling with her new puppy. Look more closely, though, and you see the literal face of jealousy looming in the background. It’s a hilarious image that shows that even cats can get a bit jealous when their owners get a new pet.

Unfortunately for that kitty, the puppy in the foreground is going to be getting all the attention for a while. And it probably will spend a lot of its time chasing the poor cat around the house, too.

Should Be Mine

The way this runner-up is looking at that crown, you can tell that she doesn’t think the winner is very deserving at all. Beauty pageants are fierce competition, with plenty of women hoping they’ll be the one with the crown on their heads at the end.

Unfortunately, there can only be one winner, and it seems as though the woman on the left is not happy that it’s not her.

Keep Scrolling

Some women are pretty protective when it comes to their boyfriends – and this is one of those women! She took a lovely photo of her and her Boo for social media, making sure that she filled it with tags.

However, those hoping to find out who her hunk of a boyfriend is from the tags will be sorely disappointed when they see what has actually been tagged. Keep scrolling, sweetie!

Poor Leo

It’s been a long-running joke about Leonardo DiCaprio and his lack of Oscars until he finally won his first for The Revenant back in 2016. He had been nominated and not won a whopping five times before – and his face sums it all up really.

This photo was taken back in 2014 when he was nominated for two Oscars but ultimately lost out on the Best Actor trophy to Matthew McConaughey. Ouch.

The Bachelor

If you’ve ever seen the reality TV show The Bachelor, then you’ll know this is a prime source of jealousy pictures. After all, dozens of women are all competing for the affections of one man, in the hope he’ll propose to them at the end.

As you can tell, some of these women were not too keen that their Bachelor was getting cozy with two of the girls. Those scowls!

Eye Roll

Whether this woman is rolling her eyes because someone is trying to kiss her boyfriend, or because she is so over public displays of affection, we guess we’ll never know. However, if it’s the latter, then we totally feel her sometimes. No one wants to see someone all loved up when they’re living the single life at home with their cats. Right?!

We’d probably be rolling our eyes at this point too.

What About Me?

Now this kind of breaks our hearts, just a little bit. Look how sad the seal on the left is after his buddy is getting all of the attention and photo ops. Why should he get all the attention? What has the one on the left done to be ignored? Is he just not photogenic enough?

We have so many questions and just want to give the lonely seal a hug.

Where’s My Hug?

Talking of hugs… The kid on the left may have a tee that says ‘Positive Vibes,’ but it doesn’t look like they’re feeling any kind of positive right now. After all, the kid on the right is getting all of the attention, and they’re just stuck there with a Frozen bag, watching on.

We hope that they managed to get their cuddle after the photo was taken!

Eugh, Whatever

Have you ever been out with a group of girl mates and suddenly felt like you are the unattractive one? They spent way longer on their hair and makeup than you, and now you feel all frumpy and gross. If you’ve ever experienced this, then you’ve probably pulled the exact same face as the girl on the left of this photo.

“Eugh, I just want to go home already.” We feel ya!

Band Envy

Back in the early noughties, Girls Aloud were one of the most prominent girl groups in the UK. However, there was always one person who stood out more than the others – Cheryl Tweedy, AKA Cheryl Cole, AKA Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, AKA just Cheryl.

It seems as though Sarah Harding, next to Cheryl on the right, couldn’t stop scowling at the popularity of her bandmate.

One Day

Have you ever been to the gym and stared enviously at some of the ripped people working out? If so, then you’ll know what the woman on the bicycle is feeling right now. She’s working hard, but she can’t help but pit herself against someone who is clearly into their health and fitness.

But hey, at least she’s trying! She could just be sitting on the couch eating ice cream (like us).