This Guy’s Funny Photoshop Pranks Are Legendary

Photos are a funny thing that have really evolved over time. As time went by, photos became a way of capturing a moment (for better or worse). Today, with the ability to take, edit, crop, filter, and share photos all in minutes just from your phone, it’s easier than ever to create a moment in your photo that wasn’t really that authentic. And with Photoshop, the things you can do to change the reality behind that new photo are amazing. James has fun with the idea that people want to drastically change reality after the moment’s passed to impress others. The results are often extremely hilarious, as anyone who has seen James’ work can attest. Let’s take a look at some of the funniest Photoshops James has done recently.

“Grate” Photo

Ah, the old “the boy is mine” situation. It’s a tale as old as time…there’s just one guy, but you and your friend both like him, and so the competition begins. Unfortunately, this kind of situation leads to a bit of jealousy and envy, which anyone can tell you is pretty toxic within a friendship.

In this case, one girl said she wanted to look “grate” in the photo, and true to form, James made it happen in an unexpected, but quite literal, way.